ducks mating with chickens???

thinknpinkJanuary 22, 2008

I went to our local co-op today to gather some supplies for my new chickens that are due to arrive in the first week in March. I entered into a conversation about my ducks that I have now and she told me to be careful about the male fornicating with the chickensÂ.well this is news to me. The ducks were given to me last year by a friend when I had a flock of chickens and she said it would be no problem to have them together. I didnÂt see any such problems mixing them. Now I am starting over with a new flock of chickens. Would a male duck go after a chicken to breed with it?? Was she pulling my leg?? She had only a male duck with no female. He killed lots of her hens (according to her) by trying to mate with them. What should I do now if this is true

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ksfarmer(z5/Ks NC Kansas)

I think someone is having a big laugh at your expense.

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If the ducks are trying to do some interspecies rumba, I doubt that the ducks would 'kill' the chickens, ha ha! I have guineas and chickens, occasionally the birds try to do it with the chickens, and vice versa. I have seen my HUGE turken rooster treading 1) my small pearl leghorns as well as the male and female guineas, who are all smaller than him. If a big 13 or 15 lb turken can do it with a small chicken and not smoosh her, then I'm sure your ducks and chickens are okay. Just make sure to use a prophylactic! :D

PS: What would a duck/chicken cross be called... a duckin? Or a Chuck? :P

Don't worry 'bout it...seriously!

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Not sure about the duck/chicken thing but I've seen my rouen drakes trying to get it on with my call drakes.I also found a broad breasted tom dead in the pond five years ago.He was out about two feet in the water but his head had been forced under.I just assumed he waded out to drink and the drake(s)jumped him.For the mating to occur though the hens would have to be standing in water.People make the joke about the rooster going after anything;ducks can be just as active.During the breeding season nothing seems to slow a determined drake down.Sherry

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You should see my banty silkie rooster trying to chase the guinea hens, it's hilarious! He's got his wings back like a guinea, running as fast as his little legs will carry him. Of course the guineas get sick of it and fly up into the trees. He's so frustrated sometimes, poor guy!

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Back when I did have a couple of ducks here I had a rooster that went thru the motions of breeding them. I suppose it could go the other way too? They won't reproduce, but can go thru the motions. A good rooster should be able to keep the ducks off of the chickens if a problem did occur. That's probably why people don't see it happening to often?
Awww that poor silkie! Sounds like he needs a girlfriend...or a new hobby? lol
I do have a picture around here somewhere of a pig breeding my husbands kayak. Hubby wasn't too happy about it.

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I've certainly seen a khaki campbell drake treading welsumer hens, completely harmless though

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I have had overSexed Roosters breed my ducks before, seen it with my own eyes. They just get a little species confused. Some times if you raise ducks and chicken together this can happen. Usually no harm is done, it just when people come over and they see this I just tell them He's a Little confused.

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Carrie, that is so funny!! I heard about a moose getting it on with a swing set, ha ha!

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A large drake can kill a small hen. If your drakes are after your hens, lock up the drake.


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Yeah, but how big would the drake have to be, like 50 lbs or something? My turken is a monster bird with HUGE sharp spurs and I'm surprised he hasn't killed my little leghorn hens, they're like max 4 lbs....

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I have Muscovy ducks and yes a drake will break the eggs in a hen.They also have a male sex organ that a rooster doesn't have and they sure can kill chickens.I had to put one outside my pen because he almost killed all my hens.They bit them on their backs till they were raw & bleeding.

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My ducks are trying to mate my chickens. They especially like to pick on a little black hen that we have. She just avoids the flock now. I raised my ducks along side the chickens. Big mistake. From what I've read, the ducks think they are roosters, or that the hens are female ducks. Sue's post is interesting, that's the first I've read of chickens eggs being broken by the ducks, but it makes sense. I doubt it's from penetration, but rather just the roughness, and sheer weight of the ducks. Duck and chicken physiology is different, and a the alignment of the organs is not such that it would be easy to actually copulate. However, if a drake figured it out, I can see how it would be deadly for the hen. What I have read, however is that since ducks usually mate on water, they can drag chickens to the water and drown them. My ducks are Roens, and could easily do this. But their water is a small elevated pool, so dragging them there would be almost impossible. All my birds are free-range, so I feel bad about sequestering them, but if that's what I have to do, so be it.

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my uncle had a duck that killed hens mating them.we figured it was because he had an organ and roos dont

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I'm going to have to take this one a step further. My male mallard has been mating all the girls(3 female ducks) like crazy. He's been attempting to mate my tiny(maybe 1-2 pound) bantam hen. Over the last few days I have noticed that she is brooding a protected nest. I am concerned that she will starve trying to hatch these eggs that may never hatch as maybe they're not fertile. If they are... how is this going to end up?? I just found where she's hiding, but don't know if I should disturb her nest. This is her second attempt at a nest, but this time she's staying there and only coming to eat and drink once a day. I want to support and help her, but I'm afraid there may be some tragedy here...
Please help,


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A male duck can be very aggressive in their mating habits. I personally have seen them mating chickens, and in doing so torn the skin open on the head and neck of the hen. The size difference is problematic. This usually occurs mid March to June in our area (South West Michigan). Muscovy's have been known to kill chickens in their attempt to mate-but again their size difference had a lot to do with it. The skin of a chicken is quite thin where a duck it quite thick skinned so when the male grabs the hen that is where the injury may occur.

If there are plenty of hen ducks that may be enough to discourage it. If not and you don't feel comfortable with this behaviour just provide separate quarters during the more active mating season of the ducks in question.

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If you have a cock the eggs might be fertile, otherwise they will not be. She will realized they wont hatch sooner or later and quit the nest. you could just destroy the eggs, she may still try to set for a while? Drakes can be randy devils at times, Muscovies are the worst. He may try to mate as she is setting if he can get to her, that could cause her harm.

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Remove her eggs (first candle them for embryos at about 10-12 days into the incubation) if clear (no embryos). If you find embryos let her finish; if not; block her from being able to get to her nest. A broody hen can be very persistent.

If they are clear and you would like her to continue get some fertile eggs-duck-turkey-chicken-try switching them for hers.

I would protect her from the advances of Mr. Duck due to the size difference.

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Thank you! I'm looking up candeling now, and will definately protect her from that fiesty Mr. Mallard!

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Here are my thoughts when reading this.

Warning my comments contribute no useless info to this thread.

what do you get when you cross a duck with a chicken? A Dicken?

second thought. Men close your ears.

okay here goes......

Males will do it with anything with a hole. LOL

I just had to say it.

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msjay2u We don't care about your thoughts. They are in the Gutter!

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LOL well maybe they are. I guess that's what I get for serving 12 years in the Navy...sometimes I respond like a sailor.

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Msjay2u, we love you for who you are! Save it for my threads, if you want. From an 'OLD Army' guy!

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Thanks Seramas

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My Harlequin duck just killed my poor Rhode Island Hen!!! He has three female ducks, but he seems to go after everyone. She was looking disheveled this a.m. with one eye closed. I thought there was a hen fight. 1 hour later we found her under the duck lifeless.
Not sure all ducks are this aggressive mating?!?!

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The lady at the feed store told me that the male duck's penis is corkscrew shaped and could rip the insides of the hen out, and kill her. When a rooster and hen mate they just touch butts, no insertion. With this info I have moved the duck, I am taking no chances.

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I have a question regarding Ducks/roosters breeding??? I stay in a campground sometimes and I saw a duck bred with a rooster. The body is that of a duck but the head was red like a rooster. Feet are like a duck other the. It has 4 long claws at the ends, I took a picture of it , the Canadian geese are not fond on him and neither are the mallards??? Any suggestions what I should do?? It does not belong to campground, someone dumped it off...

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I was mortified today to find my Pekin Drake mating with a large sussex hen. The Drake definitely was stuck to the hen and took a few seconds to remove his appendage. I have caught him before sitting on the smaller hens and thought he was trying to kill them. I have one female Pekin, but she doesn't always put out for him and normally gets out of the pond when he is trying his manly stuff.
Does he need more ducks in with him? I have also caught her holding the hen down and the drake pulling the hens feathers out frantically.

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Naomi Eric Kell

DO NOT ALLOW A DUCK TO MATE A CHICKEN!!! eventually the chicken will get injured and die. It will either get a broken neck, a prolapse or internal bleeding. Ducks have a protruding penis roosters do not. One female duck to one male duck is not enough. You need several females because male ducks are quite horny.

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