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plumberroy(z5 wc ohio)May 13, 2012

After a late start preparing the soil do to a tiller breakdown. This week I went down and picked up a Grillo walking tractor and tiller attachment I got quite a bit tilled monday and some stuff planted then . Monday late it rained again, Saturnday I got my tilling done and finish my planting. It took me forever to find sweet potato plants.

All ready planted earlier was

5 cabbage plants

8 romaine lettuce

4 broccoli

1 tomato

planted Monday

1/2 row potatoes

2 rows of assorted colors of acorns squash

planted yesterday

4 rows of royal burgandy beans

4 hills of assorted colors of scalloped summer squash

1/2 row of lakota squash

1/2 row of speckled hound winter squash

2 hills of con. field pumpkins

3 hills of red warty thing pumpkin

9 sweet potatoes

These rows are 27 foot long

in a new area I planted

8 tomatoes

8 green peppers

15 foot row of onions

we planted a 15 foot row of cucumbers along a fence

We make pickles and can a few tomatoes and freeze any extra beans

I just like to grow winter squash and the rest are table veggies

It started raining after dark last night so we are wet again

I don't think I would have got it all done with out the new walking tractor and tiller It is head and shoulders above any other tiller I have ever used

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Hi Roy
You said you like to grow winter squash. I seldom think about them. Could you tell me how you store them, and if it works. Also, how do you often use them. It never crosses my mind to eat them but would like to give it a try. Also, what are you doing with the pumpkins and can you use the red warty ones for anything but looks?

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Sounds like you'll have a lovely harvest in the coming months. I think the walking tractors are so interesting, but we already have the JD. Cheers!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Lots of work but you sure do have a great vegeatable garden.

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plumberroy(z5 wc ohio)

I store the squash in a cool dark area. I have never grew the red warty thing before but it is a winter squash pumpkins are for the grand daughter I threw the last two I had away last week they were small and finally starting to get soft. We ate a couple a week before that. We eather bake them with butter and brown sugar or make soup

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plumberroy(z5 wc ohio)

I had to cut the last message short. Depending on the squash it can last up to 6 months . For where I live a walking tractor will serve my needs better than a 4 wheel tractor I converted my trailer for the riding mower to pull behind the walking tractor and ride on tonight . by the middle of june mower decks will be back in stock and I will mow with it too. I plan on getting a shredder/chipper in a year or two. I'm on 1/2 acre 1800+ sq ft of garden grape vines, apple,pear and peach trees and blackberries. My current craftsman garden tractor is to big plus it takes up to much room in the garage.
Winter squash soup :
In a small crock pot
peel seed and cube winter squash of your choice Enough to fill pot (I use a 2 1/2 qt pot)
add a couple table spoons of butter
a sage leaf
a small onion chopped fine
a clove of garlic chopped fine
slow cook till squash is soft
remove sage leaf using a hand blender blend up squash adding chicken broth till you get the consistancy of potato soup
salt pepper to taste
add mini cubes of ham cook enough to warm ham
serve with a white shredded cheese

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Thanks Roy. Just what I was looking for. I guess I will have to plant a few more winter squash. I usually just work with sumer squash.

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plumberroy(z5 wc ohio)

I was at lowes yesterday and found giant cabbage plants. reason to till some more :) planted 4 of the cabbage and 2 cantolupe plants good thing I don't have 4-5 acres :0

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