gander mounting gander...should I be concerned?

saffron_parasol(4a WI)January 17, 2014

I have 6 African geese, all been together since hatching this last July 1st. 3 geese and 3 ganders. Problem is, one of the ganders harasses one of the others alot. I know they're both males, as they've mounted the females, and I've seen their male organs. The depth of the harassment is disturbing to me, as the perpetrator mounts the poor other guy and makes the usual sounds as if he's made "contact". Is this normal behavior, and will it resolve, soon I hope? I feel bad for the poor "underdog" as he really tries to run and defend himself, but gets caught sometimes. He's smaller than the "mounter". Is the "bad guy" just confused and thinks this is an attractive female? The 3rd gander is the biggest, and tries to break it up, but not always successful. Please tell me this will be over soon!

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It's a dominance thing more than sexual.

You don't need more than one gander for the flock - keeping the dominant male and a future as roast goose for the other two would be more peaceful.

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Lazygardens: I don't raise geese at the moment but planning to order a few this spring, and I have always heard that they're monogamous, only mating to one female in their lives. Do you mind sharing your experience as to why it's enough just to have one gander?

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saffron_parasol(4a WI)

Well, I can't speak for lazygardens, but I have an up-date/more advice of my own. The "dominant" gander has stopped mounting the other, seems the other 2 put him in his place. He is very sweet,as are all 6 of them. they are ALL pets. I spent a lot of time over the last summer tending/nurturing them, and they follow us everywhere, and like to be petted and held, making soft sounds as they gather their attention. We will eat their eggs and goslings, as we've done before. They have paired off, kinda cool how they chose mates similar to themselves, as in size/personality. As for needing only one gander, that's true, as one gander will service several geese, but there will be a pecking order between the females. The gander will bond with one...the "highest" ranking, and the others will follow in suit. He will be obvious as to which is his preference, and treat the others as lesser beings. The less dominant geese will be lonely for their own mate, but cope with it O.K.. We prefer to have pairs, as they are much happier, though one gander and several geese can do. I guess the choice on your part depends upon whether you just see them as utility or care for their natural tendencies as well. They are simple creatures, however they do form bonds, with each other and you! These are not our first geese, we had a flock of Pilgrims before and they were awesome! Give them lots of love if that's what you want in return! They make wonderful pets, and offer great eggs, and meat from goslings, if you desire, in return. They are very intelligent, as mine have been taught simple commands, such as "come on", "go on" "get in"(when we put them away), and "NO!" They listen better than our dog! May I suggest Pilgrims, or Africans? I've had both, but Buff geese seem nice too.

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Now that just sounds awesome.

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