Velvet Sparrow

vancleaveterryJanuary 6, 2008

I know there was a minor disagreement over how to treat a sick chicken a few weeks ago, but it would be nice to see Velvet back here giving out her advice.


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Yeah! I also love her...she has helped me ever so kindly MANY times!!!

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I second that. Velvet's advice has been right on and she is obviously knowledgeable and compassionate. The disagreement vancleaveterry mentions was unfortunate. The original post was misleading and given that, Velvet's response was understandable. I miss Velvet's contributions to this forum and hope to hear from her soon!

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When I posted a message asking for advice for raising chickens, Velvet replied with cogent, simple, and invaluable advice. She even said I could e-mail her with specific questions! In reading answers to posts, I have always been impressed with her advice, and with the kindness it is offered. It would be a shame and a great loss if Velvet no longer responds to our questions.

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Oh My Gosh! What happened?! Velvet Sparrow has helped me so much by her website and her responses, both personally and from what I have read from others. Please, don't let this valuable resource of information and kindness fall from our hands.

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Everyone with chickens needs to join (free) forum. I always search old posts for answers to my questions, and they are a very knowlegable community of bird owners. I think VelvetSparow (isn't she a HE?!) is on there as well!

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Is she a he? I didn't know that!! forgive my assumption :)

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After reading through a different post...Velevet Sparrow is indeed a lady.

She even has a husband that has had a pet tortuise since cool is that!

My father-in-law has every copy of National Geographic since the 30's...put to have a pet that you have loved and cared for that long is incredible.

Velvet Sparrow...we all miss you...please come back!

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I noticed her chicken page is off line now too.

I admit, I am familiar and contributed a comment to the argument which started all of this. There were a lot of shots fired. I'd hate to think however, that a single dispute would discourage a long time contributor who was clearly admired very deeply by so many.

Perhaps we should all try to be a bit more tolerant, and/or thick skinned when necessary. This forum is (was?) a blessing to many beginners (like myself). Hopefully, time will heal and friends will return.


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I agree... it would take a lot more to get rid of me than a silly disagreemant..I guess some are more sensitive than others ..oh well.that's too bad...

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It was years ago, Velvet helped me, she is a valuable asset to this group.

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Where are you?

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

I'm right here. Why did a thread more than a year and a half old resurface? I'm confused...

I did relocate my chicken site a while back, my husband got me my own domain name for a gift and surprised me with it. :) More space and no more 'bandwidth for the month exceeded' messages, yay! But that was a while back, and everything in my profile has been*shrugs*

Velvet ~:>

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It seems a lot of old threads are popping up now.....

Here is a link that might be useful: MY BLOG

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I am reading ALL the old threads and really having a great time. I started at the back end and working forward. I ran into this thread and thought wow. you did not respond at that time. And everyone seemed to love you so much. I wondered if you were still around. ( I am new here well maybe a week or less. )

Glad to see you are still here.

Some old threads are popping up because I think they have valuable information that should not disappear. GW only saves it until it drops off the list. By updating it here it gets another 2 years of life.

I have been off and on the Garden Web for several years but never saw this Farm Life group until about a week ago. I love this Farm Life site and chickens etc.

There are 67 pages of listed threads. I started at 67 and now at 35 so I have completed 32 pages of threads so far. It goes faster after absorbing so much info. I now save up many good items and locations. I have found such good info.

When I used to have poultry around 1972, it was very difficult to get even a little information. Now there is an explosion in information with the internet and books. One of the best is the pictures. Back then you were lucky to get low quality black and white picture once in awhile in a good book. Now there is an explosion of great color pictures on the internet and in books. Also there has been great progress in breeding the birds in some cases.

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