Dogs eating waste

bill7(NW MN)January 27, 2009

Yes, my two labs eat their own waste, as well as waste from rabbit, sheep, deer, etc.

Any advice on getting the dogs to stop eating their own??

I've heard adding pineapple juice (or other citrus) works?

Any other ideas?


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We always gave our dogs cod liver oil when they started that. Within 2 weeks they stopped. For every 10 lbs 1 tablespoonful everyday for 2 weeks and twice a week there after.

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Have you changed what you feed them? Sounds like they are missing something. I've always heard of these kind of dogs but thought my brother had killed them all to save my other brother's life (what he used to tell him anyway...)

Just don't let them lick you in the face.......


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I like that one Dave.

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bill7(NW MN)

Just add the cod liver oil to the food?

A vet had told me a few years ago that it really isn't the lack of nutrients, but it does make you wonder. Although, they also EAT slippers, rocks, plants, socks, toys, etc.

Those are not quite as gross, though.

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johanna_h(Z5 SW MI)

I think there's some deep down instinct about "covering your tracks" that causes some dogs to eat poop. Try putting a lot of really hot sauce on it (not delicious salsa, but some of the kind that would make you weep!). You can also help to break the habit by cleaning up the poop as soon as it appears so that they don't have a chance to eat it. After a few weeks with no poop available they'll turn their eating desires to other stuff (as you so so well know!). Labs are true chow hounds!


Here is a link that might be useful: My place: Busy Solitude Farm

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bill7(NW MN)

Thanks for all the info. Nice link Johanna!

I think the instinct thing is right on. On some program I saw a while back, they were talking about the mother "cleaning up" after the pups until such time they could go out away from the den area.

But geez, my dogs take it to an extreme! I think I will do some poop patrol this weekend. At least the snow will look nice.

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apple20(Z6 IN)

I have schnauzers, not labs, but I've got one dog that did this badly. Found out she had coccidiosis. As soon as she was treated, she stopped. I've found since whenever a puppy starts that, it's time to treat! Some vets will tell you adults can't get it, but they can. Usually, adult dogs are resistant to the bacteria, but stress, etc. can trigger it. When we moved mine started again. Treated her and it stopped within a week.

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Now that's disgusting!! (dogs eating poop)

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bill7(NW MN)

I looked up coccidiosis. It doesn't sound like runs, so to speak.

I've been giving the dogs pineapple juice with their food. Not sure if it is doing anything yet, as I can't see them 100% of the time. I think they are just eating other things.

I'll just have to spend more time doing poop patrol...

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My two labs LOVE poop. They don't eat their own but clean up any other nasty treat they can find. One is now permanently outside because any chance he got he would eat the pig poop, like bunches and bunches of it. You would have to drag him off. This did not go over nicely for his inside life. Lori

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even more disgusting. pig poop??? ewwwwl!!

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bill7(NW MN)

It s "nice" to know someone else shares my problem.
gardengalrn: I know what you mean when you say "drag." My older one snarfs the stuff down as soon as you try calling her. One would think there is some medicinal benefit they way they eat it. I am going to try new food at some point.


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I've always been told it is symptom of being cage reared or pen reared where there wasn't the proper distance from mom and nest and bathroom area - or that the pups were removed from their mom too young and therefore never learned to leave it alone. A mom will teach a pup all it needs to know, but people want puppies so they pull them too young.

My dog isn't a big poop hound but on occasion she will snarf it down. The way she seeks out deer poop makes me think she likes the partially digested vegetable matter. She's learned that if you scare the deer first they'll poop as they flee. Always fun having her mouth and breath near my face on the car ride home.

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And donkey poop is the poop of choice here! It's my female dog that is the worst. Deer poop, barn cat poop, and Yummm, donkey poop!

My male dog will snack on donkey poop occasionally, but my female will strain at the end of her tie out for a piece just out of range, whimpering ... til I tell her to chill.

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