Young Rooster - Not Crowing Yet?

nelda1234February 26, 2009

I have 2 young chicks that were hatched on November 9th 2008-I am positive (85-90%) that one is a hen and the other is a young roo. The one that I am pretty sure is a roo is already in the massive stage, his tail feathers are very long and has a small waddle and has a visible comb. Shouldn't he be crowing by now? All my other roo's at that age were starting to crow. Should I be concerned or is he just a late bloomer---Ahhhhhhh I mean crower LOL


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It is my understanding that some do not start until they are nearly full grown.

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

He's only just over three months old...mine usually start to crow at around 3-4 months, although yeah, some do start earlier or later. Don't worry, one day you'll hear this horrid, strangled noise coming from the barnyard.

Then you'll wish he never learned to crow! :)

Velvet ~:>

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Thanks you two--I was just concerned something might be wrong (sick) and you know what they say, if there showing any signs of sickness then they are already really sick. Velvet the very first time I ever heard my Roo's crow I went running outside expecting to find him in the jaws of some unsuspecting preditor-after going out there and then seeing and hearing him crow I about ROFL-he was such a sight but you could tell one: he was surprised that the noise was coming out of him and two: he was scaring himself to death and three: You could tell he was acting real proud of himself!

MsJay I posted an answer RE: Truck on "nesting Box ideas post"

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Please Ma, don't give the boy a complex, He's in between being a cockerel and Roo. It is a sensitive time for his ego!"LOL""LOL"

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Geez Pa, come on he needs to grow up he has "work" to do!!Sensitive skin? gosh pa he need a "Thicker Skin" "LOL" "LOL"

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LOL you guys!!

What good is a rooster besides being an alarm clock and fertilizing eggs?

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

msjay: Comic relief! Roos are great for entertainment value. :)

Plus, watching a roo escort his ladies around the yard, tenderly finding them bits of food and inspecting nests while he burbles with excitement, is right cool. :) I can't resist scooping up my boys once in a while and petting and praising them...which of course embarrasses them no end.

Velvet ~:>

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When i bought my chickens they said that one was a roo and the others were hens. It even had the tail feather, now she is laying eggs. LOL

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comic relief is right I love watching my roos-especially when they find some tastly morsel and his girls come running! like you can't resist picking them up every once in a while just to pester and pet them! Secretly I think Silver likes it, he makes this funny little sound in the back of his throat just like he is purring-when I put him down he acts very indignant and shakes his feathers as he is walking away-the cute thing he does is when he is doing this he will turn his head and look at me with his head cocked to the side and then spread his wings out and flutters them at me! he is so cute!

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well I THINK I have a roo but not sure. If I do I will get to see for myself why all you guys are in love with a rooster. My Grandma told me roosters are mean SOB's and told me not to bother getting one. I see them on craigs list all the time for free and they say because they are too aggressive.

We'll see....

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My baby rooster Soldier (who lives with 3 baby hens in a cage beside my bed for now) JUST crowed for the FIRST time today and I doubt he is over 4 weeks!! (I got him a few days ago without knowing his age) is it normal for him to crow this early?? I heard him screaming so I ran to him to find the hens staring at him like WTF and he was streched up high and all fluffed up and crowing at my nearly full grown broiler chicken Honey (she is about 18 weeks old, but she is completely healthy with no heart or weight problems :D ) and Honey was staring at him like : 'SILENCE!! I KILL YOU!!' lol. So anyways... Is it normal for Soldier to crow this early or should I be worried?!?! For now, Soldier is to small to live outside (he is perfectly capable of living outside, but I baby my chickens and don't move them outside until they lay their first egg or crow their first real crow). For now,I have my very own personal alarm clock next to my bed. Oh joy. This is gonna be REAL fun...

Here is a link that might be useful: My Website (if ya wanna read more bout my spoiled chickens)

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