mother goat laying on kids!

petra_goatsFebruary 10, 2010

Our boer goat had three kids on Saturday. This is her second litter, but it's the first one with us. I saw her lay on one of the kids hours after they were born, and I just pulled it out from under her. The next day, one of the kids was dead, all flattened out, so I think she laid on it and killed it. It had been the most lively and strong of the three. The other two have survived the last couple of days, but I'm worried that I should take them away from her or risk losing them too! What should I do???

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Have the kids been nursing from her regularly? When they were born did she bond with them (lick them clean and pay attention to them?). Boer's are usually good moms, but I would pay close attention to make sure they are getting fed enough. You may have to take them away and bottle feed them if she isn't feeding them.


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This could be why she was sold.

Has she gotten any better? If she were mine, being a 2nd freshener she should know not to step on her kids. She should know to move gingerly, and when one squacks to get off of it!

Since she doesn't I'd pull the kids & send mom to slaughter. This is just me.


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Perhaps the third kid was weaker and not nursing. Since goats only have 2 teats, sometimes one gets left out. Are they in a confined space or in the open? If they are confined, you could build a creep like they do for sheep. That way, the kids (or lambs) have a protected area where they can avoid getting crushed or smothered by an inconsiderate or weakened dam.


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