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figsrfun(7b)February 7, 2014

I am in the process of expanding my current market garden operation and am exploring the possibility of engaging a fellow farmer or gardening enthusiast as an associate. The property is located in rural north Mississippi, approximately 50 miles east of Memphis. This arrangement would be a business partnership, not an employer/employee or intern type relationship. The objective would be to collaboratively grow a high quality product ( fruits, vegetables, cut flowers and possibly poultry/eggs) and offer them for sale through local channels. For further clarification and to avoid any possible misunderstanding, I am a middle aged male in a long term, monogamous, domestic partner relationship. This proposal is strictly business.
What I have to offer: 8 years of experience growing produce for commercial sale (farmers markets) and a strong customer following with several ideas for expanding this base. Approximately 50 total, 30 arable acres of debt free farm land. Multiple existing structures and infrastructure such as outbuildings, greenhouses/cold frames, tools, irrigation and fruit trees. New 45 hp tractor with multiple implements. New enclosed trailer for transport of goods. Capitol available for the construction of 2 additional high tunnel structures.
From my perspective, the ideal candidate would be an individual or possibly couple that share an enthusiasm for sustainable agriculture with an emphasis on organic practices. Someone with an appreciation for simple, unpretentious living and thoughtful animal husbandry. Further, someone who has good marketing and customer service skills, is computer savvy, motivated, creative and is hard working. These are all assets that are a must to grow the operation. While no secondary housing ( in other words, a home other than my own which is small) currently exists on the property, I'm willing to entertain the idea of establishing such.
Now the reality check ( obvious to many here but perhaps not all ). Farming is very hard work. It's often either cold, hot, wet, dirty or otherwise uncomfortable. We will never be rich but should be able to provide for basic needs. This will be a partnership and Mother Nature is ultimately the boss. She and her accomplices can be, and often are, brutal and seemingly vindictive. When things are good, they are good, when they are bad, they are generally really bad. Lastly, while I am socially open minded and realize what you do on your time is your business, I have no tolerance for illegal activity ( drugs) or dishonesty. I will not jeopardize the farm nor my customer base with such.
Should this possibility interest you please respond by email describing you motivations, ability, skills and assets. I look forward to discussing this opportunity. Thanks.

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I have inherited land In Tippah county ms. My family use to truck farm part of this land years ago when I was a teenager. now my children are grown and live away and my husband has his own businesses. I need a partner and I am interested in doing exactly what you have described above. Please contact me to see if this is something that work for both of us. I am physically fit, use to hard work, computer literate, have reliable transportation and a dream of doing something productive with what I have been given. I would not need a home. I am use to driving 150+ miles a day but am planning on retiring from this job and I am examining all my possibilities. I look forward to talking with you. Carol.

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I believe that I am a good fit for what you are lookin for or at least I would like a chance to talk with you. I am a hard worker that loves Miss and believes the future lies in being able to grow our own produce and provide for all of our basic needs ourselves. I would appreciate your contacting me. I really need a business partner to be successful.

Thank you,


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