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I had some septic issues where the drain field apparently quit working. There was a distinct rotten egg smell coming from the septic and we had just had it pumped 2 years ago. A contractor (septic) came out and said we needed a new drain field. So, we authorized him to do that.

Special case, we purchasaed this house and the septic was right up against the house, between the pool. I have since found out that isn't within specs, but the contractors are willing to work with it (we live in a country where they turn thier heads away from this stuff).

Anyway, here we are 3 months later and we are now having problems where our toilets are just about overflowing before they go down. So, we call a plumber to have the toilets snaked, and they found nothing. They also went through the vents on the roof to snake through the kitchen (which they said did not go all the way through). But, when the plumber was here, he said first of all that the septic guy that put in the new drain field should've put in an access 'cap' between the septic and the drain field, which they didn't do, plus, they should've cleaned out the drain line leading into the septic tank, and felt that is where the problem lies. They found a lot of 'gunk' when they snaked the lines on the roof.

So, now my question is, is that correct (I know the cap needs to be there), that the septic guy should've cleaned the line coming from the house to the septic as a standard when they put in the drain field (they used the original septic).

Also, the old drain field was on one side of the septic tank, so the contractor 'punched' a hole in the other side and this is where the new line was run. PLUS, he never got a permit that I know of.

So, question is, how do I handle this now? I have a good idea, but am not sure. Any input would be appreciated. BTW, this is in Florida, where septics are common, and fairly easy to install. And I am above the water line, so no pump station is needed here.

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We had prblems like that theres a huge pipe that goes into septic tank it broke off .We had it fixed, tree stumps roots etc can heerlp clog drain fields.We had that problem once too they had to open drain field.

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