steep slope planting - bamboo?

reddirt(z5 OHIO)October 7, 2012

My friend just had a row of large pine trees fall on his house during a summer windstorm, so he's left with a 100' x 15' steep area in full sun to plant where the pine stumps have been removed. He would like privacy, and I'm wondering if anyone has successfully planted clumping bamboo (Fargesia) in full sun in Zone 5/6? Or does anyone have suggestions of bushes that naturally might "weep" down the slope?

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How tall do you want the shrubs to be? Do you have any photos of the site that you could upload?

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It looks like it might be possible to plant Fargesia, but there is wide latitude between species as far as winter hardiness goes, so you'd need to verify cold tolerance of the exact species you're considering. I'd run it by folks on the Bamboo Forum (and/or get their suggestions) and also research it independently and get information from the grower.

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Not so wide a hardiness range as one might think :-) Most fargesia are fully hardy to zone 5, a few only to zone 6. Easily the hardiest of the bamboo species. Depending on the height you desire, either F. rufa or nitida would work for you.

FWIW, clumping bamboo does spread but rather slowly, so one would need a good number of plants to fill a 100' length. And not necessarily the most economical solution, either - because the clumps expand slowly, good sized plants can be rather pricey (i.e. 5G plants go for around $95 here).

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