Cauliflower won't flower

eyes5May 2, 2009

I grew purple cape overwintering cauliflower last August or so, and they're supposed to form curds by March. Only one of them has so far, but the others, though big and happy, don't show any hint of flowering. What's going on? Should I wait longer or should I pull these plants that I've waited so long to harvest?

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You probably watered them wrong. Look closely and see if you have golf ball size heads. if so, you did not water enough.

Here is a link that might be useful: Start a growers diary here

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If they're growing I'd just wait at least another month. Where did you purchase your seed? Tom

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bella_trix(z6b SE PA)

I grew purple cape two years ago and could not get them to form heads. I planted in spring and had nothing by winter (I'd missed the overwintering instructions). I left them in the garden and they barely made it through the winter. Only one was healthy enough to form a very small head.

I decided my winters were too harsh for them. Are you really in Canada? I'm very surprised they even made it through the winter, unless you are near Vancouver! How did you do it? If they are still big and healthy, I'd wait and see. My thought was that they needed a climate more similar to South Africa, like San Francisco, to overwinter well, but perhaps I am wrong.


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I have never tried Purple Cape either, but it is listed at 200 days, which is almost 7 months to maturity. Cold winters would make it even slower. So if your plants are healthy, I would suggest that you wait awhile.

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I bought the seeds from West Coast seeds, which is the most reputable seed provider in my area, as far as I know. And they're locally based, so I'm surprised to hear that the plants need even warmer conditions.

I indeed live in Vancouver! Though, this winter has been unusually harsh and long. I used a floating row cover to protect what I can and brushed off layers of snow every time it snowed. And still I lost several plants.

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