Dang Bunnies!

gltrap54May 7, 2012

It's not the adults that confound me, it's those bunnies that lay my bush beans to waste! My very hot fence has had it's strands lowered, to no avail........ I've found the only way to stop them is to use a low tunnel until the plants (or bunnies) are bigger..

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After dropping my son off to school, I took a stroll through my garden and found the same thing! The bunnies are driving me crazy! They have eaten all my celery and my pole beans...not sure what to do :(

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Took me 3 years to perfect a chicken wire fence around my garden that kept out all the bunnies. They are so small, they would find all the smallest holes in the fence to squeeze through. Took a lot of patient observation and fence reinforcing.

But then the squirrels started ravaging all the squash. So I finally got cats. Took down the rabbit fence as the cats do all the work now. No rabbits, no squirrels in the garden.

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We don't have bunnies, but I can just imagine how disappointing it is to have your efforts spoiled by the little critters. Sorry.

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My garden consists of a border made of timbers, in which I mounted a 36" utility fence. It is the typical 2"x4" fencing, found at most big box stores. However, to keep the babies out, I installed 1/2" mesh hardware cloth to the bottom 12". Not only does my fence look nice & neat, it doesn't allow any rabbits, big or small, inside. I started with chicken wire, but no matter what I did, I couldn't make it look good, because it is never straight or symmetrical right off the roll.


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Well, for what it's worth........ I've covered two rows of bush beans. Worked last fall. Time will tell!

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