Small Yard Landscape Ideas

Aly123October 8, 2012

Help! I have a teeny tiny yard and have NO idea what to do with it. We are fairly new homeowners and know absolutely nothing about yards, landscaping, etc.

Here's the story on our yard: It is L-Shaped and holds two small patios (with 3 sliding glass doors, oh the lovely 70's). It is narrow and backs to a moderately busy street.

When we first moved in, the yard sloped several feet down to the fence to a gutter/drainage thing that runs all along the street since we are on a hill. We put in a retaining wall and filled it with dirt to make a flat surface. We added the fence/railing along the wall so our small children wouldn't launch themselves into the gutter.

We likely won't do any major renovations (not sure the house is worth it); however, I would love to hear ANY suggestions you may have- large or small. We do have one play structure (affectionately titled "the thunderdome") but that's it.

Thanks for your input! Oh, and pardon the mess in the photos. I'm tired.

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Could you post a photo that shows and explains the "gutter" between the two fences? Also, say what's planted. Do you have any goals for the yard?

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I'd wager the gutter is one of those cemented canals.

To wit:

Here is a link that might be useful: Do you think it might be like this

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deviant-deziner(Oh zone)

If you can identify your needs or desires that you want to get out of the back yard space then that will help you shape your ideas for it.

We know that you have kids and a playstructure so that is one obvious need for a flat space that is either covered with lawn or playground fiber that they can safely play upon.

Then you mentioned you have a busy street which means a fair amount of traffic noise and you have the concrete drainage v ditch.
Either a hedge or a layered planting ( small tree(s) some shrubs and some perennnials layered together ) planted towards the back end of your narrow yard would help visually and minorly with sound mitagation.

As far as what those small tree and shrubs are depends on the amount of maintenance that you want to incur and or if you desire a particular color or fruit production. .... and of course your planting zone needs to be known before any plants can be chosen.

How you walk from one area to another also has to be planned for as well.

So you can see it is a multi-pronged process of discovery and planning that is highly responsive to the family who lives/ plays/ entertains/ in that space.

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