pickling calcium ???

baboilerMay 21, 2012

Hello all. New to the forum and looking forward to some great advise from site members. Here is a question I hope to get an answer for. I had a conversation with an older gentleman this weekend concerning growing tomatoes. He gave me a recipe for a homemade liquid that he sprays on his plants once a week to aid in disease resistance and to grow stronger plants. One of the ingrdients he wrote down is "Pickling Calcium". I searched the net and cannot find anything simply called pickling calcium. Does anyone have an idea what he may be refering to? He also has written down "calcium" sepperate to the "pickling calcium" as if it's 2 different things. Can to much calcium hurt plants? The amount is a tablespoon each to a gallon water.There are other ingredients but the calcium has me a bit confused. Thanks in advance.

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Calcium hydroxide. For making lime pickles, use food grade. for a garden you can use the tech grade sold as air slaked lime. Yes calcium hydroxide is soluble and can raise pH too high.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Yeah using lime to dust plants or spraying ca hydrox is an old farmers tip from way back when I was kid. Supposed to all sorts of great things it is claimed. Operative word - "supposed".

May be of some help in certain situations but the risks of over-use or using indiscriminately, especially without knowing your soil pH usually outweighs any gains as it can really skew your pH.


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