Ducks vs yellow jackets...

acer(6b western NC)February 19, 2009

I ordered our ducks from Holderread Waterfowl Farm yesterday - 7 Welsh Harlequin and 3 Cayuga. The kids are so excited, and we hope to have lots of eggs. I also hope to sell some eggs, and I'll have questions about that, too.

Our yard is about 1.5 acres fully fenced with a creek. Both sides of the creek are in the fence, and it's a great setup for ducks. The problem is that yellowjacket wasps have been taking over the place. In the summer I can't walk anywhere without them buzzing in my face or me stepping over a nest. I get stung mowing the grass and have

gotten pretty paranoid about it. I couldn't even let the kids play outside last August - four underground nests were built just steps from our door on the creek bank. I've tried bug traps baited with everything from rotten fish to grape jelly. Nothing helped and I've been reluctant to use poisons beside the creek, but I'll admit that desperation has led me to more drastic measures. My kids, my husband, and myself have been stung just for standing in the yard admiring the creek.

Anyway, how will the ducks and yellow jackets interact? I sure hope they don't get stung. The best-case scenario would be that the birds eat the bugs, but perhaps that's too good to wish for - kinda' like swallowing a flaming thumbtack...

Any ideas?



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There is a yellow-jacket trap when used in early spring will attract the queens thereby reducing the number of yellow-jacket hives you will have.

But remember the importance of any bee and its' impact on the environment. Wasps and hornets help control many insect populations. If they (W&H) are in abundance their food source is also plentiful. Be sure the trade-off is what you want.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lonely Queen-soon many

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Don't know about ducks, but our chickens think yellowjackets are delicious. For some reason the stinging part doesn't seem to bother them--perhaps the 'jacket is down the hatch before it has a chance to retaliate.

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Hmm, well I know that guineas LOVE ticks and fleas, and will eat bees as well. If I don't feed my guineas too much in the morning, they forage really well. I'm sure they would go after yellow jackets if they find them. The downside of guineas is the NOISE, ha ha! I've heard that ducks are great for eating mosquitoes, not sure if that is all ducks, or just certain breeds. I know that some ducks are great at eating mosquito larvae in the water as well.

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