chicken coop plans

hag49(Tx z8a)February 13, 2006

Does anyone know of a web site that has free chicken coop plans? My DH is building one now and just needs some measurements, otherwise he'll improvise. PLEASE send me a link if you have one. If I'm going to look at it, I want it to be pleasant to look at.

thanks, hilary

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Roberta_z5(Z4/5 IL)

Here you go!

Here is a link that might be useful: Chicken Houses

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bejay9_10(zone 9/10)

Hi - thought I'd chime in to say how much I enjoyed all of the pictures of chicken houses.

I was inspired to raise my 2 barred rock hens after visiting this forum about 2 years ago. Wasn't sure if I could have hens - my upscale neighborhood - dont ya know! Anyway, I called the city, and they said yes, you can have "10" - OK says I - but I only need two.

Anyway, as I'm an older lady somewhat over 80, the possibility of finding a construction worker (making a million a year or so), to build a hen house, was somewhat out of the question.

So - I took to the Internet, finding a dog kennel place that had chain link "do it yourself" style enclosures. Says I - I think I can do that.

I ordered one - can't remember the exact measurements - seems like 6 x 6 and only 4-1/2 feet high, but as long as the hens didn't reach that tall, it sounded like it would work out o.k. I laid some galvanized hardware cloth down - then placed the bottom frame work on top, and built the thing according to specs. Then completed the galvanized hardware cloth all around the sides (to prevent rats and mice from entering - or coon from reaching through.)

The top was covered with metal corrugated panels to keep out rain and anchored down with cement blocks (prevent coons, etc.) from breaking in from the top and secure from the elements.

Actually, this has worked fine. I had a rabbit cage that was a metal box that I put inside for night time weather protection and egg laying, and a cedar box inside that was filled with compost - they loved it. From time to time, I replace the compost, straw and droppings to put on my trees and replace with fresh. How's that for recycling?

It has worked well. Two hens are now about 2 years old and except for a brief period of molt - by one, the eggs just keep on coming. The other end product is working well too - and my vegetable garden looks better than it ever has.

To make a long story short (it's about time!), I'd like to thank this forum for getting me started with raising my two hens.

Just my 2 c's.


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You may also want to look at my new blog. It not only has links to chicken coop plans but also has hints and tips on raising healthy and happy chickens.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chicken coop plans

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Hi, I got some links that you will surely get a chicken coop plans.

Here is a link that might be useful: chicken coop plans

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My hubby says thats my christmas present this year plans above brian palmer showed cute..

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I am raising chickens for a long time and I am also build my own chicken coops all by myself. It's easy and fun and anyone can do it.

With the right plans and guidance you can build your own coop in no time, just like me and other people who love to take care and raise chickens.

Here are the plans for chicken coop that I always use.

Success in building your chicken coops!

Here is a link that might be useful: Plans for chicken coop

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