What does Thunder & Lighting mean in the Winter Time?

rockcut_z5(z4-5)February 16, 2006

I did a Search trying to see what Thunder & Lighting mean in the Winter time according to the "Old Timers". We've had both here this morning in SE Wisc. Thanks this will be intresting.

Incidentally I checked The Old Farmers Almanic, & Blums Web sites with no luck.

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littlereo(Conklin Mi.)

Our weather man said this morning that it is the same as in the summer, only we have snow with it. We had it today to, and still is off and on. We are getting everything today rain, ice, wind,hail, and snow. the ice right now is 1/4 in, thick, and we are to get more tonight, then turn to snow. What a whack winter!!!!!!!!!!!

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well here in arkansas, i can mean a great deal. it was 72' today and stormy tonight and tomorrow we expect ice storms. and a high of 40' !
the saying is around here, if you don't like the weather, just wait it will change tomorrow.

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hag49(Tx z8a)

Rockcut, your thinking of the old adage "If it thunders in Feb.it will freeze on the same date in April". That being said, mark your calendar for the 16th and see if it happens. That would be just about right because we always seem to have some cold weather on Good Friday or thereabouts./Hilary

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