How can I kill dog parasite eggs in soil?

acer(6b western NC)February 27, 2009

Our dogs stay in our fenced property and have developed the unfortunate habit of pooping in the grass right next to the house. It irritates me to no end, as I tried very hard to train them to go in the woods. I think our old, lazy dog corrupted the young playful one. Anyway, I try to shovel it but I'm sure there's still plenty of residue. Yes, we worm our dogs, but, being dogs there's a good chance they still carry something on occasion. I worry about my barefoot kids in the summer, and we're getting a few ducks, too. Is there anything I can use to kill worm eggs (or whatever other parasites there are) in the yard?


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Parasites or chemicals on my childrens feet. Tough decision. Can't say for sure what to use, maybe DE or Bleach, but that'll kill the grass, havn't used DE myself so just know what I read. You probably want something organic/safe. Sorry I'm not much help. It's hard to get a 100% kill on worms/eggs/larvae.

I think I'd work with the dogs relentlessly until it becomes habit. Maybe tie them or kennel them in the woods when they go out (on leads), every time until they get it.

I'm looking forward to hearing others' solutions.

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Dogs are creatures of habit. Do like Brendasue said. Put them on a lease and take them to the wood to do their business. It may take some time but they will eventually do it on their own.

I have a friend that lives in Detroit and she wanted a dog but was afraid if it got loose it would get killed in the street. I told her that they are creatures of habit if you would take the dog for a walk twice a day around the block and never cross a street with it-if it for some reason got loose it would only go around the block and back home.

One time she thought she had fastened the lease before she opened the door-but she didn't. The dog ran around the block and was behind her before she could get to the first corner try to catch up with it. She was amazed-but that is the nature of the beast!

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There is so many "nasty" things living in the dirt, cleaning up one group isn't going to make the area healthier - unless your barefoot kids are only going to walk in the dogs footsteps.

I would build a sandbox type structure in the area the dogs have chosen as their latrine and keep a small shovel handy to scoop the poop. Hopefully the sand will keep things drier which will most likely reduce the number of germs or at least make everything switch into a dormant state.

Old lazy dogs have problems holding "it" or marching off to the woods to "go". I have a twenty year old cat that has arthritis so bad you pretty much have to keep a litter box within 20 feet at all times (she's now banished to the screened in porch).

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