where do you milk?

lilmissgreenthumbFebruary 3, 2009

Ok I'm completely new to the goat world (actually not offically part of the goat world, just doing some research before commiting to some lovely creatures. I want to make sure I'm pretty well informed before I jump-in. I don't want the animals to suffer if I don't know what I'm doing). I'm thinking of getting a couple of goats in milk, perhaps with a couple of kids. I would like to build a nice big barn next year, but am really hoping to get the goats before then, so am looking a some sorta temporary home in the mean time. I have heard all sorts of suggestions here, from strawbale homes, to pallets. What I'm wondering is, where would I milk then? If you house your goats somewhere other then a barn, where do you milk?

Thanks again,


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On a milking stand! I imagine that you could put it anywhere that it will be convient for you.

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If you are milking the does what's on the menu for the kids? You can milk in a garage or any fairly "clean" area. One of the biggest reasons for folks failure with goats is due to getting the animals before they are prepared for them. They don't need a big barn but do need good fencing. Tom

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Thanks for the info. I'm trying to become as prepared as possible before getting the goats, that's why I've been asking questions. I'm planning on building a smallish 10 by 12 barn for now (adding onto it in a year) but want to make sure I have enough room for milking. The barn will have electricity and running water. I'm just not sure there's enough room in such a small space to also milk.

As for fencing, also working on this. The area is 70 by 100ft. It's woodland area, so I will section off smaller areas at a time for them. The fencing will be 5 ft high all around.

Thanks for your time,


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