lethal genes in poultry

fancifowl(5Pa)February 29, 2008

not much to do ourside so thought I would post a couple interesting poultry items

Poultry(occurs in other species also) carry some genes which are lethal; some lethal genes are heterozygous(1 copy) and the bird with this gene will not survive.

other dominant lethal genes require 2 copies for death to result.

The creeper gene(Cp) as in Japanese bantams and the ear tuft gene((Et) as in the Araucana are examples where 2 copies assure death but 1 copy has an effect on the offspring for that genes trait.

Other genes such as frizzle (F) cause a defect in feather structure and also are connected to other problems such as enlarged heart,spleens and the gizzard. The (Lav) lavender gene is associated with poor feather quality, the rosecomb(RR_ gene can be associated with low fertility in certain rosecomb breeds.

Many times the chicken can function normally with these deletrerious and lethal genes in a hetero state and are used to create breeds. The japanese bantam, the Frizzle, The Araucana, are just a few.

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Fancifowl,I have a few Ameracauna chickens.If I hatch eggs,will this trait show up or because they are already mixed,will it not?Also,is there a color of chick or hen that will probably lay blue eggs?I have a hen that lays the green egg but the other two lay a rosy brown.Thank you.Posy_Pet

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Ameraucanas have no lethals as a breed and there is no correlation between feather color and egg shell color. The rosy color is the same as brown , it derives from blood so pink is normal in some birds, colors run from very light brown to pink to very dark brown. Ameraucanas standard calls for blue egg shells, there sre some which do make green. probably due to lack of proper selection of breeding stock

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Miss_Kitty(6a KY)


Thank you!

Rose comb associated with with fertility problems? THAT explains it! I've been wondering if it was my hens or my rooster! It's the breed.

Thanks again!

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Thanks fancifowl.Last year,I actually talked to the man at Estes hatchery in Springfield.They cross with all different breeds to get "Ameracaunas".I would assume from that ,that they are Easter eggers and not pure Ameracaunas.My rooster is gray and gold.I chose him from a bunch because he was closer to the standard.I would still like to have the blue eggs tho.Posy Pet

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Ameraucana is a standard breed, not a cross breed. These darn hatcheries are doing a diservice to the fancy by ca;lling their mongrel mixed breeds Ameraucanas. They are more properly called easter eggers or simply mutts. AMERAUCANAS are bred to s standard, unlike the different crossbred mutts being peddaled by chicken hustlers. the colors for the breed are: black, white, blue, blue wheaton,buff, silver. they have pea combsmuff/beards,. some disqualificTIONS ARE LAck of muff/beard, presence of ear tufts. they were dmitted to the standard of perfection in 1984.

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