Nesting Boxes

nelda1234February 10, 2009

I have been busy this winter-might as well with all the snow. We recently had a total of 20 inch. So what else can you do but build new nesting boxes for all the hens that will be laying by June/July- I will have a total of 100 girls by the end of February. My first batch of Little Diddles arrived yesterday-unfortunely I lost 5 in the first hour, all the rest seem to be fine. this new nesting box I finished in 5ft high with 8 boxes-in the picture you will see the divider for the nesting boxes, this slides out along with the kickboard for easy cleaning--god I love power tools! I still have 2 more boxes that will be different from this one. I first have to picture it in my head and then I just start cutting! lol. couldn't follow a blue print, besides what fun would that be-that way I can change my design anytime I want to!

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I have been busy this winter and besides what else are you going to do especially since recently we got hammered with 20 inches of snow in 2 days not to mention the 25-30 mile an hour winds and drifting snow. This is the front view. I secured it to the wall with 4 inch screws. Like I said "Love those power tools"!
The next picture I have in my "head" is that I am going to make retractable roosting bars-again for "easy cleaning" I have the picture in my head but it is not complete lol hey msjay--duh found the editing button-right after I put my glasses on!!

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LOL glasses always do the trick don't they?

your nesting boxes look interesting. I like the sign on the side. how come I can never find good signs???

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Hi msjay, LOL is right kept looking for that very small edit button and thought maybe I was going blind! So glasses do the trick kept them on the rest of the night-not the best boxes in the world but they work for me I used 1 by's for the frame so that it was lite weight and 3/8 inch plywood- the signs came from a resturant that was remodeling and they were throwing all kinds of stuff in there dumpsters and these were leaning up against it--thank you very much--I only had to cut off 2 inches to make them fit-tight though-I did not use tracks for them just cut a groove to fit them in I think that I need to put bees wax on them to make them slide easier or something. they are attached to the kick board so that it all slides out for easy cleaning. the one project like I said is the retractable roosting poles just not sure how to get that to work but I will figure out a way-just gonna have to think about it some more. My peeps that came on Monday-I have now lost a total of 11 for some unknown reason:( vaccine failer maybe? no clue. They are replacing them and will get them on Monday! Bad thing now I have to have two separate places for both peeps. I also have 8 welsummers comming the end of Febuary first of March LOL my house is the new chicken coop!! Will be dragging out the mini coopers real soon. good job on the thread we all thank you.


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Great looking nesting boxes! You might want to put a small ladder on it for the ones on the top. I have two storeis and my chickens don't use the top two much. They prefer the ones on the floor. They all use them. I can sometimes find 10-12 eggs in one box while the second story is empty. I put a roost in front of the second story nesting box for them to land on and they use it more not, but still only 2-3 eggs up there.

Love those power tools!

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Lots of typos in that last post. Sorry about that, I was in a hurry. Last line should say "use it more now"

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Hi runningtrails-yes indeedy love my power tools and they are all mine have my own toolbox with all craftsman tools-I have a nailgun,jigsaw, Tablesaw two air compressors big stationary and small portable-blew the hose on that one and had to fix it-$15 dang it plus new fittings, staplegun-I even have my own chainsaw a little stihl 12"!woowhoo! A latter huh? I did put a platform on the front of it so they would have something to land on and to the left are a row of nesting boxes that they can use to get up there----I like your suggestion-I will go out and watch them and see how they do it, I have been finding eggs up there--but better be safe so they are safe from harm and check it out --- thanks for the tip had not really thought about that---got any ideas on how to make a retractable roosting pole do you? I have an idea in my head-but can't quite get my head wrapped around it enough to start on one--will have to get the other 3 nesting boxes done first.

Thanks Runningtrails

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