How important is it to have a unique farm name?

ecologystudentFebruary 27, 2011

We're just starting out, and we found a name that we feel really represents us and fits really well. We spent a long time trying to create a name that worked. Problem is, when we used google to see if it was free, there is already another farm using it.

The other farm raises horses and labs (neither of which will we ever raise) and is on the opposite side of the country from us. They also put a space, whereas ours is one word.

Do you think it's ok to go ahead and use it, since we created it before we ever heard of them? Do you think there would be any legal issues? Would you still use a name that you had thought up, then found somebody else was already using?

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Use it!

Unless they trademarked it (search for the name)

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acer(6b western NC)

I say use it. Considering the U.S. and world population, just think how hard it is to come up with a truly original idea. Just be glad you only found ONE other farm!

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do you have an email with your farm name? That is a help in establishing your right to use it, possibly.

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