open leg wound treatment with hydrogen peroxide ok?

vmarcos68(8A)February 14, 2011

Hi there,

Long story short, is that an acceptable method of cleansing a wound?

Chicken has a wounded toe/foot, what is the likelihood of survival, might be frost bite or caught on a string.

I decided to give it some medicated chick crumble as well

to aid in forming antibodies.

thank you

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Naomi Miller

As a nurse and a chicken person, lol.... Hydrogen peroxide is not a bad idea but it does very little toward healing.... if it is an open wound, you need at the very least to use purple kote to disinfect the wound... I personally would use Tylan as a topical rinse and begin a mild antibiotic in the water for a week or so until you see healing begin... it is hard to say what to do without knowing the extent of the wound but I always start with a good cleaning, examination of the depth etc and then ward off infection inside and out , that could affect healing..... good luck

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in the hospital we try not to use hydrogen peroxide as it is a drying agent and can damage healthy tissue... the best for wounds is to cleanse with a good soap and water and use an antibiotic cream on the wound.

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If using hydrogen peroxide to cleanse any wound, only use once for initial cleaning. HP will eat away at the healthy tissue and when it starts to heal that is not what you want.

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Exactly what mozoe said...I just do soap & water to debride the wound and follow it up with triple antibiotic cream (Neosporin). Just put on enough to coat the wound, don't glop it on...I don't know if it would harm a bird to ingest any from preening, but too much might be a dirt catcher and soil the feathers. Since feathers insulate the bird, soiled feathers don't insulate as well. It is usually a good idea to isolate the bird in a wire-bottomed cage so others don't pick at the wound or bully the injured bird, and to help keep the wound clean. Oral antibiotics (Ornacyn is a tetracycline-based antibiotic to add to drinking water that is made for birds, get it at the pet store) and possibly some unflavored electrolyte solution (Pedialyte from the baby aisle at the grocery store) to drink to help ward off shock--stressed/injured/sick birds can benefit from it.

For serious wounds go to a vet of course. :)

Velvet ~:>

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