Dumb question about duck romance...

acer(6b western NC)February 9, 2009

I don't have any ducks yet, but I want to get some Welsh Harlequins from Holderreads this spring for egg production. The thing is, I love the look of Cayugas and want a few of them, too - strictly as "yard ornaments". If they lay lots of eggs then that's great, but all I really want the Cayugas for is to look pretty.

Here's the dumb question: I guess it's safe to assume that the Cayugas and Welsh Harlequins will breed if allowed to run together, right? I wonder what Cayuga/Harlequin ducks will look like and what the egg production of these "mutts" would be? Our yard is fully fenced with a creek and I want to just let the ducks range freely in the fence - no segregation. Cross-breeding isn't a big issue as I just want ducks for a fun kid-friendly hobby. But I am curious and was wondering if folks might have some advice about what to expect.



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They can of course interbreed as they are the same thing only different colors, both are Mallard derivatives.

The resultuing offspring will probably be black or mostly black. The Cayuga are based on the extended black(E) gene and the harlis are based on the Dusky Mallard gene((M^D). Tghere are 2 phases of the Harlis, gold & silver. You might get some other shading?? The E and M6D are both dominant genes.

They will make fewer eggs than the parent harlis. Black ducks many times lay a egg with a black hue on the shells. I used to have some very nice East Indies which had a most beautiful green sheen to their black.

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