What's wrong? Fertilizer burn?

jamesm113May 3, 2012

Just planted my vegetable garden last weekend and I noticed these spots (see picture link) on some of pepper plants, tomato plants and basil plants.



Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures

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Your link is for photos in a private album and can't be seen.

Before you planted your plants did you harden them off and get them used to the UV rays? Plants growm in a greenhouse have never been exposed to the sun and will burn so it may be sun scald. Solution--Shade the plants during the heat of the day for a week or so.

If you just threw granular fertilizer on top of the plants it too will burn. Granular fertilizer should be put on the ground only. Solution--Make sure you wash all fertilizer off the plants

If these are not your problem then you'll have to post the photos again so we can see them

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Try these links:


No, I didn't harden them off, I didn't know you had to do that. They weren't grown in a greenhouse though. Temps have only been in the 60-70s here though. I didn't fertilize the plants, though I cultivated the soil with old horse manure mixed in with garden soil and store bought compost

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Definitely sun scald. They will probably be ok but lose those burned leaves.
I once planted out several pepper plants that were not hardened off quite enough. They lost all their leaves from sun scald, leaving just bare stems. They eventually put out new leaves and completely recovered. I was very surprised and pleased.

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