More Baby Pictures 'LOL'

seramasFebruary 10, 2009

Some more pictures.

Get a look at these spurs.

He is an orignal imported Serama, 1999.

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What beautiful chickens.!! Some of the color patterns remind me of the Speckled Sussex I used to have.

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Some of speckled ones have three colors on a single feather, some with two colors on single feather, then there are some with three different solid colored feathers, and some with two.

There are 7 different color combinations-each color combination breeds true. Trying to develope 16 more color combinations but they are probably 3-5 generations away from breeding true.

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Seramas what pretty birds. I like all of them, although I would not have a black chicken. I like muticolored ones better. I also don't like that big spur on your rooster!! I would be scared of him!!

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Msjay2u these bird are the most gentle birds you can get. That old boy with the spurs is an original imported Seramas (1999). He has his tags (bands) for the quarantine station on yet. They love human contact. I've never have had a mean Serama Roo.

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They are beautiful. Love all the colors. We've had our chickens since last year and they still act like I'm trying to catch one to ring it's neck everytime I try to touch one of them.

They come running when they see you coming toward them, they are greedy and want scraps. But, they don't like being held or touched.

But, that's okay, with my 50+ lb dog that loves to lay in my lap and the 5 indoor cats, I have enough animals that love me without getting my feelings hurt about the chickens.


Here is a link that might be useful: MY BLOG

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I am on the lookout to extend my flock. everyone told me this would happen. I am going to get 6 guinea hens MAYBE a peacock and definitely some easter eggers. I really want different colored eggs. I might throw in a Seramas too if I can find one. They are very pretty

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