Solar powered gate

gabbythecatFebruary 13, 2012

We are considering installing a solar powered gate for our driveway. But we have some concerns: how does it work for deliveries? Do we have to give an entry code to the mail carrier, to UPS, etc? Or do we just leave the gate open when we're expecting a delivery?

Can we leave the gate open if we're just driving down the street for a few minutes and save on power?

Is there a way to manually open the gate without punching in a key code? I'm thinking of neighbors walking by, for instance, or when we walk out to get the mail. Or should we consider a side walk through only gate that would not be very noticeable? We would like the large gate to discourage unannounced visitors, especially those with vehicles. But we don't want to be barricaded behind it either.

Is there a good model that any of you would recommend? We've seen the ones for agricultural use, but although we do have property (longish gravel driveway, etc), we aren't sure that would be an advantage for us. We do want solar powered to avoid running electricity out that far.


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I'd be interested in any responses, also. Have been looking at them but wasn't sure if they would suit us, either.

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