Bird holes in wire fencing in coop - help!

scoutyyyFebruary 14, 2013

My Coop walls are covered in chicken wire. A layer in the
interior of the coop and another layer around the exterior.

It is now filled with between 10-20 birds on a daily basis. I saw
them fly back out thru holes that are in the chicken wire when I was in there. These are blue jays, etc - fairly large birds. Upon
closer examination, I found several 3" diameter holes throughout
the coop - how were these made and can patch them somehow?

The birds are eating all the food and driving the chickens crazy.

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Sounds like you had some type of predator tearing holes in the wire. Chicken wire is cheap why not just replace the wire? If you still get holes in the new wire just replace it with hardware cloth. It is more expensive but it is harder to tear.

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