What age can I band my buckling?

locomustangogurlFebruary 24, 2009

I have a 4 week old buckling that I am bottle raising....when can I band him? I only want him as a pet so he needs to be a wether not a buck!


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You can band goats at any age. The problem lies in that the older they get, the larger band & applicator you will need, and the more uncomfortable the procedure becomes for the goat. Also, as they get older you may need to apply two bands instead of one.

We normally wait until at LEAST 8 weeks old, longer if we can. The older they are, the more growth they get and it lessens the likiliness of Urinary Calculi (coupled with good feeding practices), as the growth enlarges the tract.

Be sure to give him his Tetnus shot(s) appropriately when you do band him, Watch for fly strike if they are out where you are.

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