Wide-Spacing Arborvitae - Less formal, more open, still private?

MattVA81October 8, 2012


Can you create privacy and openness both?

A designer and I were thinking of using widely-spaced Emerald Arborvitae--perhaps spaced 10-12 apart and staggered--as both 1). a privacy screen from a next door neighbor, and 2). framing "posts" to frame a mountain view right over top of the neighbor's house.

I'm wondering your opinions--can you do both?

The arborvitaes would be complimented with burning bush and some other lower-growing wide deciduous shrubs.


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You should post a photo showing the situation.

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Yes you can. It depends on the specific placement and sight angles. And I'd consider the option of planting a few of the arbs closer together as well.

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I put 3 arborvitae along a 4' tall fence, the bed is about 4' deep. Planted with perennials and annuals. It is in a 1900's neighborhood, we live on a corner lot. It is to block the backyard. It works for privacy but if there is a neighbor I want to talk to I still can see them and make conversation.

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