Where to find an old fashion bedspread?

wertach zone 7-B SCFebruary 3, 2012

I don't like the new fangled comforters....They are too hot! I wake up sweating, throw it off, then freeze! I want an old fashion cotton bedspread like the ones I grew up with!

I can't find one in a store, I'm kinda skeptical about the ones I've found online, bad reviews and not enough info on the heat factor.

Help! I need to sleep!

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Vermont country store look it up its all things from the past,even turkish taffy yum,www.vermontcountry store.com,I just got a catalog in the mail today.

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sandyl(Zone 6B -7)

I have two that I got from JCPenney,, Here is a link for the bedspreads, the old fashion kind... I love em...Sandy http://www.jcpenney.com/jcp/X6E.aspx?GrpTyp=ENS&ItemID=1db9a8e&CF=Whites&deptid=82319&pcatid=85989&SO=0amp;SelDim=1031%7e&x5view=1&NOffset=0amp;Ne=877+1031&catid=85991&N=4294926359+4294949522&Nao=0amp;PSO=0amp;bcCat=4&CmCatId=external:85991

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Vermont Country Store, also try Lehman's online. But I've seen cotton spreads in WalMart, Target and Penney's too--they are making a comeback.

Velvet ~:>

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Have you considered making them yourself or having someone do it? I don't sew, but I recall my mom, grandma, greatgrandma, aunts and neighbors getting together around big quilting frames and knocking out several in a day. Grandma would also keep a frame going and work on it herself. The frames wouldn't be too difficult to make if you have access to someone who is reasonably handy.

I (dimly) seem to recall that they would adjust how many layers of cotton they would unroll to determine how heavy the finished quilt was to be.

Good luck,


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