Is this a male duck?

nan_e_fanFebruary 29, 2012

I've got two six month old ducks; a pekin that I know is female, and a crested blue swedish that is leaving me baffled as to what sex it is. The swedish is just as loud as the pekin and does not have the curled tail feather common to males. What it does do is mate with the pekin in their pond on a daily basis. Its head is darker than its body and its bill is a greenish tint, which I read is true of males. Does anyone out there know of this breed and if this is truly a male or just a confused female. Incidentally, these ducks were raised together in the house as hatchlings and now have free range of the property.

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I would say so. I dont have that breed but we also got confused when we got our ducks first and my friend gave me a titbit, a drakes quack is a lot lower than a female. It can be loud, my drake is really loud!, but while its loud its deeper so you can really hear the difference. His quack is deep sounding and he doesn't quack as much as the girls either!

The best way to tell is the fact that it's covering your duck, I know that drakes can often cover other drakes but I've never heard of the opposite happening!

I hope this helps

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Thanks Ellie for the reply....I've since located the info on the web that describes homosexual behavior in ducks of the same gender when that's all that is available to them. My two female ducks take turns in who mounts who, even though the pekin in about a third bigger than the blue swedish. If you are interested in the article, I got it off
For anyone out there wondering about eating duck eggs...they are nutritionally superior to chicken eggs. The only thing you have to look out for is the much higher cholesterol in duck eggs. I get a kick out of this guy on utube who does a taste test comparing chicken to duck eggs, and says the duck egg tasted "gamey". He must have gone down to the local bog and stole it from some mallard nest. The truth is, domestic duck eggs taste just like the chickens next door, and since they're bigger, you get more bang for your buck (just watch it if your cholesterol is high). I may have wandered off the subject a bit, but if you want to make a pet of a duck, they are more than willing to comply; unlike my chickens who have been raised the same way, but arn't near as friendly.

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ducks quack
drakes rasp

if you listen carefully you'll figure it out

also by now if male will have that curled back feather on the back

currently my son has call ducks, though we've had 3 other breeds previously

ducks are louder & more repeatedly quacking than our drakes who are quieter and slower repeating with their rasping sound. The female ducks live up to their call duck name. Your pekin & swedish should be quieter.

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