Livestock Trailers for small farmer

blueberrier1February 16, 2010

Any suggestions for hauling three steers (2 yr old Angus-cross), to the processor in a 12' stock trailer? The floors are 10" planking with 1/4-1/2" spacing between.

I read in a farm mag that a cattle panel stapled to the floor minimizes animal slipage during travel. The distance is 7 miles and nearly flat roads. Would you advise cattle matting instead? Years ago, in truck hauling, an inside the truck gate reduced the space, so the cattle remained upright. Would you advise this for the trailer? Thanks.

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just throw in some wood chips or old hay or straw. make the bedding pack several inches deep.

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Throw them in and head to town. I've hauled literally thousands of head of cattle on plain wood floor trailers with no problems unless the animal was lame when they got on the truck.
Remember, cattle stand on FOUR legs and they are lower to the ground... What seems difficult for us is a walk in the park for them!

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