just.keep.digging(6a)May 6, 2012

My dh doesn't get how excited I am. Over the past week I've picked over 100+ slugs off my veggies and am finally seeing a reduction in the slug population! And also when we first prepared the beds I saw a total of 20 worms in the entire 24'x11' area. And last night alone I saw 8 pairs mating and like 15 other ones crawling around!!!! Our soil was, well still is pretty crappy, so it's wonderful to see these lil guys coming in and making my plot into their home. I just needed to share that with some people who understand why I'm so excited about this!

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It is a wonderful feeling to know when you've made your soil home to worms.

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Congrats! I just got excited about worms myself yesterday. Only gardeners get I guess :)

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congrats on your worm sex but i dont think the other worms should have been standing around watching.

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Congrats! Glad you're seeing progress after all your hard work. Some DHs just don't get it and mine is one of them, too.

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No soil ever resisted two bags of leaves per square yard. The problem is that all that organic matter will always bring in the slugs except in semiarid climates. Use Sluggo. I used to go out at night in May and pick 100 slugs a night, ten days in a row, but now I know better.

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If you know anyone with chickens, take those nasty slimy slugs to them. Chickens adore them. Great job you're doing!

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Our first garden was being consumed about as fast as the plants grew until we figured out, (On here!) what it was. Slugs from the leaf compost. We now keep a very close watch at the beginning of the season, and have been very pleased with Ortho Bug-Geta for snails and slugs. We tried the coffee grounds method without success. We usually only have to do it twice during the growing season. We also switched to grass clippings for primary weed control and to help with moisture retention. The leaf mulch is added in the fall at the end of the growing season.

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Thank you everyone! Im going to try out the sluggo soon, also going to try some copper tape on the containers i have outside. Has anyone ever used it before w any success? Also random question, ive been seein these lil bugs, they look like spiders but have a red abdomen & black legs/heads. They are maybe an 1/8 of an inch long. Any idea what these things are?

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Brad Edwards

Just keep digging, Sounds like those are juvenile Lady bugs :). Lady bugs eat affidavits although I am sure you probably new that.

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Oceandweller i was hoping you were right but sadly they are not ladybugs. The ones i have are much more spider-like. Their heads are round & black, i do not know if they are 2 or 3 segmented, and their abdomans are bigger than the rest of their body and red. Ill try to take a closer look tomorrow. They just appeared within the past week. I do have a crap ton of chinch bugs, maybe its their babies? Anyone have any good recommendations for detailed garden pest books w pictures? The one i have only has pictures for maybe 1/4 of everything they list.

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