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ann_tx8(z8/East Texas)February 2, 2009

Some time ago, I received help on a Wildlife Forum at GardenWeb, but cannot find it now. On my small farm, 40 acres currently receive a wildlife conservation tax exemption, and I would like to exchange information with others regarding this subject to assure that I am doing the most I can and retain my tax exemption. Previously, I got information on homemade deer feeders, recipes for wildlife "licks", etc. but cannot find anything like this now.

Do you know if this forum has been eliminated or if it exists under another name? I cannot find subjects such as "deer feeders" under the Nature forum.

I am especially interested in learning about building habitats, harvesting water (in a woodland),seeding, providing food, general "tricks of the trade" on providing for and protecting wildlife.

If this forum is eliminated and not included within another forum, can you direct me to another such forum online? I got such valuable help and hate to see it disappear.

And perhaps I am overlooking it, but I can't find a way to communicate directly with the GardenWeb hosts. Any help here will also be appreciated.

Many thanks to all,


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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

If you can't find the wildlife sources you are after look for hunting sources, I regularly watch the outdoor channel (I'm not so much into the shooting part, but you get to see a lot of good shots of animals in the wild with out the cutesy stuff and sanctimonious self righteousness you get with animal planet) and a huge portion of their time is spent on food plots and habitat assessment. It looks like whitetails are what you are after from reading your post.

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sumac(SE MI)


Here is a link that might be useful: Wildlife forum

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Contact the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for information on habitat construction, plantings for food lots, etc. TPWD has wildlife biologists who are very helpful, and the service/advice is free.
Trey Carpenter of TPWD has a pamphlet "Small Acreage Management Techniques" that has lists of desirable plants and how to provide cover for feeding and escape, among other things. It should be downloadable, but if not, TPWD can send you the pamphlet.
I envy you--we tried for Wildlife assessment, but were told that our county has a minimum acreage requirement, and our nine acres didn't qualify.

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Hi Ann! I second marlingardener's suggestion. The local man at TX Parks & Wildlife in my area has been sooooo helpful, I wonder if he had nothing to do all day before I came along with all my questions! He came out to my property and spent the entire day walking around with me, making suggestions and identifying plants and showing me how to identify scat and tracks. Gave me his email address and has continued to answer all questions, tell me where to look for info, etc. for years.

I would be glad to exchange info on this board if that works for everybody. Wildlife is a part of farm life around our place.

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ann_tx8(z8/East Texas)

Thank you, everyone. I've been in touch with Texas Parks and Wildlife and they are wonderful to work with and pleased to pass on a wealth of information. I appreciate your lead on this.


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