Is there a standardized spacing for stones on a walkway?

Kitten1313October 28, 2013

Hello, I"m new to this forum. I spend all of my time on the Kitchens forum, but today I have landscape design question. :)

We just had a walkway of flagstones put in this morning. The stones themselves are a nice square size, but they appear to be too far apart; even my 6'4 husband finds it awkward to navigate from stone to stone. I feel that one should be able to walk from stone to stone using their natural gait, without having to reach for a stone or putting a foot in the surrounding mulch.

Is there a rule of thumb? Is this something we should have broached with the landscapers? We were relying on their expertise and assumed (uh-oh) that they would know the proper spacing.

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Landscapers are not designers, but frequently assume that role by default. They will not have the same level of knowledge or concern about details that a landscape designer would have. In "everyday" landscaping, it's often the budget that dictates the outcome of details not carefully outlined in plans and specs. If the spacing is not specified in the contract, then having the stones re-spaced will cost additional.

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The "standardized" spacing is close enough to comfortably fit the stride of any family member. The larger the stones, the closer they are laid so that you lose any sense of "missing" a step from one stone to the next or overextending you stride. Really, this can only be achieved by laying the stone out first before seating it.

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

Stepping stones look good spaced apart, but it's been my experience that the closer they are to each other, the better they work for walking. Lower maintenance too. If you have to look down to see where to step, it becomes awkward right away.

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The less space between the stones the more steady the tread. Try to envision everyone who might walk on this path: elderly persons, toddlers, women in heels, running kids, yourself with a big bowl of fruit salad. The smoother it is the better.

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Thank you for the feedback. I think they need to be moved closer. Thanks

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