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gideonsmomOctober 28, 2007

My husband and I want to landscape our backyard, which right now is just a deck and a large expanse of grass. :) We'd really like to add some kind of patio area, and we would love to put in some kind of water feature for our son to play in during summer months (and hey...we wouldn't mind getting wet either).

I started thinking about this a while ago and couldn't find what I was looking for. Today I did a google search and found these places.



The thing is that we don't want something this big and PLAYGROUND-Y and we don't want to spend a fortune. Plus, they aren't local. Does anyone know if it's really hard/expensive to work something like this into a patio...just a couple of jet that water spouts out of. I guess there are sanitation issues to think of? I called a few places where we live but nobody even understood what we were talking about. I just wondered if other people had done this sort of thing.


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laceyvail(6A, WV)

Uh, how about water issues? I believe you're in a drought still.

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karinl(BC Z8)

Water use issue is no doubt pertinent to consider, but if one waters the lawn or garden at all perhaps one can perceive some excuses. I didn't go to the websites you mention (I'm all but clicked out for today) but wonder what's wrong with just putting the sprinkler out like we used to? Installing something... well, kids grow up.


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I have often wondered why some/many of these companies with elaborate water usage systems are in the more arid Southwest. The big box stores (as well as those who sell and service hot tubs, spas, etc.) have hose attachments and specialized sprinklers for yard play.

Heck, back in the 50's we had no end of fun with a soaker hose - but that was a different time and we were easy to amuse.

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"pondless waterfalls" are becoming more popular, but I think what you want is a pondless fountain feature. It shouldn't be too hard to find a "pond" installer to set you on the right track.

Basically the holding tank is below ground and the water is recirculated back down through gravel, a grate, or drain and pumped up with a submersible pump.

My main concern with using it as a "swim" type feature would be to make sure you have some access and way of controlling the cleanliness in the tank.

We at one time looked into a pondless water feature for reasons of child safety and having a dog that would be swimming nonstop

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Did you go ahead with the splash pad idea?

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Just following up! It's been a long time! We never did do this. We put an addition on our house about 6 months ago and we are just now digging out a patio ourselves. I'm back looking into this since we have 400 feet of square dirt out back and I found my old post! :)

To address the comments...there's nothing wrong with sprinklers. Every year I drag all the stuff out, but it gets gross and moldy when I store it. I just thought it would be kind of cool to have a couple of water jets to play in if it wasn't particularly hard or expensive to do. I'd kind of like to soak my feet for a little bit here and there on a hot summer's day.

I did find pondless fountains, and that's probably what we'll end up doing because there are lots of examples on the web. Maybe we can jerryrig something so the water streams are low to the ground. I don't know about putting them within the patio, though. Maybe right off the patio?

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Here is an example of what we wanted. And a cute little girl too boot!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kid friendly water feature

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Since I don't understand all about how these water features are designed, you can take my comments with a pound of chlorine, but here goes: be sure you understand the difference between "clean" water and "moving water". Many water features are for naturalized areas, okay for wildlife to drink, birds to poop in, rodents to crawl over, and are "moving" for sound enjoyment and for mosquito avoidance. But the water is recirculated, and as I thought I understood it, is not typically treated with chemicals such as added chlorine, so the "moving" water from the holding tank is not like "fresh" water from the hose or treated water in a well-maintained swimming pool--though of course, hose interiors aren't kept at some sanitary level.

I'm not saying kids shouldn't be in, or swallow, pond water--my family and I swim in lakes and creeks (or have in past). Just advise being sure you understand what kind of water the kid will be playing in and ingesting. If I had a typical patio water feature--pond with waterfall, for example--I would not be encouraging my child to have tea parties with the water therein.

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Thanks. That is true. My son is 4 1/2 so I don't think he would drink the water if told not to. But I assume splashing around in it a little would be okay dontcha think?

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