dianne0712-in need of color help

katrina_ellenOctober 2, 2012

dianne0712-you responded to another post I had about the color of my front door and shutters. You advised that I paint the door a brighter color, and the shutters a richer color. I love purple, and decided I would like to do my front door either a berry or plum color, thats not too dark. My house is white, with a brown roof that has a reddish undertone. I thought maybe a grey for shutters or a tan color. What do you think? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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I think that beige or taupe or grey will be too bland. Also, to be honest, that sort of neutral trend is over for most designers, so it will look dated more quickly. Purple is a very difficult colour to make look rich if you aren't going very pale or very dark (eggplant). I would do your shutters in oxblood like BM's wenge and your door in teal or gold. You could do an eggplant on your shutters if you want, one that is quite brown. Medium and light purples have a tendency to look cartoonish so choose one that looks darker than you think you want with a clearly brown undertone.
Sorry it took me so long to answer. I hadn't checked the board in a while.Good luck! I think your house is cute.

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dianne, thanks for the suggestions. I'm on a roll and already got the paint for it a few days ago. I went by my roof color, which you can't see good in the picture, but it is a reddish brown. I took a shingle with me to the paint store and picked a color that looked good with the roof color. I decided to do both door and shutters in the same color. The color I ended up with is BM Old Blue Jeans, which is a brighter than whats on there now, but rich blue. Thanks for the original suggestion of changing the colors, I think you were right on. I am just trying to make it look its best even though its just a tiny little plain house, thanks for saying its cute!

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Sounds cute! I love blue.

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