Did I kill my seedlings? (corn in my case)

braddqqMay 4, 2012

I had several nice little corn seedlings growing in a starter cell kit. They were about four inches high.

When I went to transport them into a bed in the backyard, the soil cube pretty much crumbled in my hands. In one case, I was barely moving over any soil -- just a little seedling with its poor root hanging out in the open air.

I planted it the best I could - but do you all think based on what I said pretty much killed them for good?

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Give them some root boost and they may survive but corn does not like being transplanted and may sit and pout for awhile.

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Corn seeds germinate rapidly directly in soil. For good polination, corn is usually planted in a rectangle. Therefore, direct seeding of more plants than you may have would likely overtake the transplants and do better with more corn.

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I've done that a thousand times. It will be fine as long as you keep it moist for a couple of days.

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