Tile over Concrete Shed For Chickens?

nelda1234February 24, 2009

Hi all - I am looking at a shed 6'9' it has tile over concrete painted white and flat slanted roof--My question is would this make a good or bad chicken coop? It does not have a floor and would make or pour one for it. Need Help!

Thank You,


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I can not picture it in my mind. Do you have a photo?

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Go to craigslist-click on Indiana---February 23rd---I think 36 ad. down. Add says: Nice shed-$600.


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Need the town in Indianan on Craigslist

The tile over concrete is the walls? The floor is dirt?
Usually, dirt is best for the floor for animals but there are so many tunnelling chicken predators that you will need a floor to protect them. Two inch wood planks are probably better for the chickens than concrete for a floor. Concrete is not good for the chicken's feet and it's cold, but you can keep several inches of litter on it to keep them off the floor. It's a good idea to do that anyway to absorb the poop.

Concrete can be hosed down if it can drain.

You will need to make sure they have enough air circulation too. Sheds can get very hot in the summer.

Chickens aren't picky. They like anything that dry and draft free. The important thing is security - keeping small, climbing predators out.

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oops sorry Indianapolis--not paying 600 bartered down to $275--No floor in it better that way I can build a platform out of wood to put it on it does have 2 windows side by side on back. Just am not sure if it would be to hot in summer or will it stay cool? It will be under a giant oak tree. This guy said 3 hardy men could pick it up-I have a trailer now to go with my new truck! it is tile over concrete

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can you send a link to the listing?

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Decided to go look at it--no way in #%^&%$ 3 people were going to pick it up and put in on the trailer. I am just going to have to make the time to build another coop--found out today that my Welsummers are not coming until maybe May instead of Middle of March--but because they screwed up I will be getting them at a major discount and they are going to throw in a Roo! This will at least give me some time to get other things done first, so I guess that is a good thing. Thanks for wanting to help me--you all are very nice!! :)


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LOL Nelda. sometimes good deals are not so good but it all works out in the end (we hope)

Show us what you get when you get them.

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