Young Bull: Balls and Banding

hexepattyFebruary 28, 2010

We tried to band our 10 day old young bull, but noticed his sac is empty. Bummers... it was hard catching him. Shouldn't the testicles have descended by now?

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THat means his testicles didnt drop yet.I dont remember much I think theres a way to bring em down or just wait till they drop.

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It really is not going to be easy to ban a young bull much older than he is now. They get very strong very fast and this increases the danger of getting nerves in the band and causing lameness and infection. I would suggest you wait until he's about 6 months old and take him to the vet for castration. We do all our bull calves at 3 days and even then they are really really strong. If there wasn't such a struggle with the banding and his strength you can reach up and gently bring the testicles down for banding. But at his age it's a real challenge.

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I do all of mine at least a month old. I cut them instead of band them but I do undertand why people use bands. Either way it helps to be handy with a ropeor have a chute handy. When you band them at such a young age there is a real risk of one testicle being pulled back up through the band. If you wait until they're a little bigger it's not such a problem.
To get them to drop just run your fingertips from their flank down to the scrotum and it will push them down into the scrotum.

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

You can wait until he gets larger. We wait and work all our calves several weeks prior to taking them out to grass pasture. A bigger bull is not going to be prone to lameness or infection. I don't know where you are getting that information. If yo do not have a chute, then tie a panel in a corner of a pen, run him into the corner and sandwich him between the panels. Tie a rope or put a pipe behind him so he doesn't back up and do your deed.

I have been stuck in many remote locations and have used this method on cows for preg checking, shots, and general doctoring. You will have to be quick and more than one person is helpful.


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