What 'natural' wormer for dogs would you suggest?

mersiepoo(6)February 27, 2009

I can't bring myself to use that drench (is it called Ivomec?) on my dog, I just think that is too toxic for him and don't want to expose him to that, especially after reading about links of pesticides to viral infections.

Are there any good wormers out there that have natural ingredients (herbal)? I had used some natural wormer before but it was for people. I guess I didn't have any parasites myself, but I think it worked for him really well. I've heard that black walnut hulls are good for killing internal parasites.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Do you have a reason to suspect that your dog might not be able to handle Ivomec?

Of the potential treatments that will kill the worms most will kill dogs.

Of the potential treatments that will not kill dogs most will not kill worms.

Of the treatments that kill worms and not dogs Ivomec is among the most safe and effective.

Herbal and Natural do not equal safe or effective, sometimes they coincide, but there are many herbal remedies that will kill your dog.

Seramas mentioned Tobacco, if you can get your dog to eat it it might work, big if though.

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*CLINICAL OBSERVATIONS OF FEEDING CODEX FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH TO DOGS, O.C. Collins, DVM, Midland Animal Clinic And Hospital, Midland, TX: "In clinical observations of feeding dogs over 35 lbs. 1 tbsp./day and under 35 lbs. 1 tsp./day of DE, within seven days all ova disappeared from stools. DE controlled Ascardis (Toxacara canids), Hookworms (Anclyostoma caninum), and Whipworms (Trichuris vulipis)."

"Parasites have always been a part of life and usually animals are equipped to deal with them through a healthy immune system, a balanced diet and strong digestive systems. In nature, animals have access to number of herbal ingredients that have the medicinal qualities to keep parasites in check; however, our domestic creatures do not have this same access to a number of beneficial herbs.

Herbs that have beneficial properties to guard against parasites include Wormwood and Ruta graveolens which both act as digestive tonics and promote digestive cleansing. Others include Cloves and Neem which work to discourage pests and act as natural parasite repellants."

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Thanks MsJay2U! I had heard that diatomacious earth wasn't effective, but I should give that a try. Where did you get the information? I would love to read that study. :)

Hi Brendan! Isn't Ivomec a systemic insecticide? I would have to see what the chemical components are before exposing my dog to them. He's healthy, and I don't want to make him un healthy. I avoid using any pesticides, fungicides or any toxic substances on my plants or animals.

I've read there is a connection from when they sprayed Agent Orange in Vietnam and the 'avian flu', as well as DDT to the polio 'epidemic'. Also read about speculation of BSE to certain systemic insecticide exposure.

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you can find it on several websites. I think I posted a link in another forum

Here is a link that might be useful: the link

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

DE will only affect parasites in the intestines, for an issue like heart worms there will be no effect.

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Thanks MsJay! I'll check that link out.

Luckily he doesn't have heartworms. :) I couldn't imagine that DE would get into the bloodstream anyway, lol!

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