Trying to understand rototill, plow, harrow and disk

toffee-el(Z8b Sunset Z13 Elev 4650ft)February 28, 2013

I am a total newbie going from small backyard gardening to a 2 acre hobby farm. I used a rototiller for my suburbia garden, now trying to learn Plowing - Harrowing - Disking and their relationship to rototilling.

With help from wikipedia, should I assume that plowing is deeper rotation of dirt. When finished ground will be uneven with large chunks of turned over soil? Then the disking is to chop up the large chunks into smaller chunks? Then harrowing to further even them out and leave a more or less flat ground?

So together plowing-disking-harrowing basically do a deeper and more intense job of rototilling?

Thanks for helping this newbie.

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The plowing route is easier, possibly a little deeper. but I think the end result of a tiller is hard to beat.

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If you are planting a small 2 acre garden you can get a rototiller attachment for your tractor and till your garden up. Either way would work. On our garden we run the tiller attachment through the garden then use the plow to make rows.

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rotary tilling can be a 1 step operation and gets the soil turned/mixed to about 6 inches. plowin turns the soil over without mixing to from 6-10 inches(8 is most common). Disc harrowing breaks up and mixes soil and residue while compacting the soil. There are several types of harrows, all have roughly the same effect. Either trotary tilling or plowing can be the right way to go, just depends on soils and preference.

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