Last 8 States I need to get them all. Thanks

mastergarder2003(5 MI.)February 29, 2012

Hello Iam close, I need these 8 more states to collect seeds from all 50 states. Any help for me to finish, have them send me a email. I would be so happy.

Alaska,Delaware,Hawaii,Nevada,New Mexico,North Dakota,Vermont, and Wyoming. Please clik on Mastergarder2003 above to see my list, and post here for me to see your list. and email me, what you would like Sm. or lg. trades are fine. pak for pak. please. Bon.

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mastergarder2003(5 MI.)

I might have Nevada trade,Iam waiting for a reply from loveangels no list. Please clik on my Gw name to email me on this trade. thank you. All others post and email as well. 7 left to go states. Bon.

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mytime(3/4 Alaska)

So do I understand that you are just looking for seeds on your list, not seeds of plants native to the state you are getting them from?

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mastergarder2003(5 MI.)

Hello Alaska YES Alaska Mytime I would love to trade pak for pak from my list of haves for something to try from your list of haves. I will go and see what you have on your list. I need to trade with Alaska I dont have a swap from Alaska yet. That would be wonderful Please look at my list and see if there is something you are interested in. Bon

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mytime(3/4 Alaska)

I don't keep a trade list anymore, as I quit exchanging years ago. I see that you want Frits. I could send you seeds (or bulblets, in early summer)for F. camschatcensis in return for A. hupehensis. Thing is, I would need the anemone seeds now (since they have to be cold stratified, etc.), and I can't send the bulblets until June, late May at the earliest.

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mastergarder2003(5 MI.)

Thank you mytime I got your email That will give me Alaska Iam very happy, and loveangel Nevada iam still waiting on your reply I still have the 2 paks waiting for you If you have anything to trade I even like lettuce or spinach from the Dollar store please email me.Bon
I am very happy to say if these two trades go well I only need these states below. thank you so much for any and all help to finish my state trades. so close now.
I still need these state's.
Delaware,Hawaii,New Mexico,North Dakota,Vermont,Wyoming.

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