Pygmy goat infomation?

bigshoes213(7 Sardis, Ms)February 14, 2010

Hi. My MIL and I are getting 2 pygmy goat babies (females) in about 3 months after they have been weaned from their mother. I know just a little (very little) about goats. My MIL in on the other hand has been raising dairy goats for over 10 years and is very knowledgeable about her goats. however neither one of us knows much about the pygmy breed. She is getting one and I am getting the other but they will be living together. We have been trying to find a book on the subject or a really good website detailing on the care of them but have not been that lucky. Everything I find is either on large goats and not the mini or just very very basic info on pygmy. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Also I am not just going out and getting one for a pet because i think they are cute. We will hopefully be raising a small herd in years to come for milk, etc... like she is doing with her 13 other goats.

I normally would not acquire an animal until I have read and feel that i am fully informed on the subject. but a friend's goat just kidded and we may not have the opportunity to acquire any for such a reasonable price for quite a while.

Thanks for any advice.


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I think there are several pigmy goat owners on forums that might be willing to help you plus there are several threads about them.

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Glad to see that the two goats will be together because they like company. Females are so sweet and funny. They like to have something to climb/jump on.... tree stumps, cars or anything in between. They do not like to go where the trees and brush cover them because they want to keep a look out for predators. Will eat your brush, trees, grass, flowers, clothes, goat feed and use a salt lick. I used to save fall leaves to offer with the winter food to give them variety. They loved it.

Spend time with them, pet them and talk to them so they will be comfortable around you for the eventual milking. Get them used to the stance while they are young, because as adults they will not like the unfamilia, and get very stubborn. Sing a particular song each time you feed them, then if they get loose, or you want to bribe them into the stance, just sing that song.

This might be the same things your MIL is doing with her dairy goats, I only had pygmies, so I don't know about them.

Oh yeah, they usually kid themselves with very few if any problems. The first time they will have only one kid, but each time after that 2,3 and yes, belive it sometimes four. Usually you shouild wait until they are 9-12 months old before intoducing to a buck. Mate them in September, you will have your first kids in March or so when the weather would be good for them.

Good luck

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I raised pygmy goats for almost four years when I was 11-15. They are a great little breed although I'm a little more biased to Nigerians, another mini breed. Pygmies come in the basic colors - black, caramel, and chocolate. They can also be agouti, meaning they have white mixed in. Although I never had breeding problems with them I know TONS of breeders who did. Because of their small bodies, but large heads, they have birthing complications. I would HIGHLY recommend waiting a full year before breeding your girls. They are really really fun animals and I can't wait to get older and raise them again.

Here's a helpful site of a farm who actually milks their pygmies, which is fine, but not usual -

hope this helped :)

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bigshoes213(7 Sardis, Ms)

Hey! My MIL wants some NIgerians too! She is already plotting to get one or two or 10. From what I have read it says to wait at least a year like you say. SO I am sure that is what we will do. Hear are some pictures of my new babies! I havent seen them in person yet but i cant wait. I found a book on raising them and it should be in next week. Thanks for all the advice and wisdom!!!! I am getting the brown one and one of the black ones.

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They are sooo cute!! I've been wanting to get a female pygmy for a little milker too so I was checking this post out. I don't know anything about goats. I've had sheep and cattle, including a milk cow for awhile.
I'm hoping to get a pygmy kid sometime this spring if I can find one somewhere nearby. I'd also be interested in a nigerian. I just want something small that will be a good, gentle milker.

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