Chicken tricks

msjay2u(7)February 9, 2009

I had asked Seramas to post how he taught his chickens some tricks but he never answered :-(

I looked it up on the internet and found this trick. It looks pretty simple to teach. Anyone have any easy tricks? I am going to try to teach mines this one.

"Place a hula hoop firmly on the ground between yourself and the chickens, one hand on top of it holding it down and balanced. When your chickens approach, feed them goodies (bread will work) when they step through the hoop to you. You have to do this EVERY SINGLE day until the birds got the idea and began to go through the hoop and then ask for the treat. Once they get the idea start raising the hoop off the ground higher and higher till they learn to leap through the hoop. It really is an easy trick, you just need some patience."

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Msjay2u forgive me for not answering your question. Most tricks are taught just like the one you describe.

To get them to shake hands have them stand on a flat table top (or anything similar) give them a treat but make them stretch for it using your left hand, up and away from the edge of the surface toward your body. Being nothing there for them to step up on you hold your right hand above the surface and toward your body away from the edge of the surface. When they reach for the treat they will try to step onto your hand. At first they will transfer their weight to your right hand. Each time after that have your hand an inch or two back away from the table forcing them to reach further. Give them the treat as they are starting to step. They will soon lift their foot to get a treat. Let them put their foot on you index finger (don't let them transfer their weight to your hand) and hold their foot between your index and thumb but pull it away if they try to put their full weight on to your hand. It may take a day or weeks, depends on the bird. The more tricks they learn the easier it becomes for them.

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I knew you must have forgotten. No problemo.

I am going to try the hoop trick 1st then yours

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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

I love those ideas! I will try them too, hula hoop first then shaking hands. Sounds really fun. Thanks for sharing.

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Have just finished three 15 minute HD Videos of the Chickens doing tricks. Used three cameras and is being edited and will be displayed on my website soon.

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what is your wesite again? I thought it was but I guess not. LOL My memory is not all that good....

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Here is a link that might be useful: My Feathered Friends

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That is so neat! Can't wait to se it on your site! Is it there now for us to watch?

We taught our dog lots of tricks that way! I guess it works the same all animals. The first trick was the hardest. After he understood the "treats for work" idea, he flew through the rest of them. It's teaching them the concept of treats in exchange for accomplishment that's the key.

I like the hoola hoop and shaking hands tricks. When I have more time, I'm going to try them with a hen.

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LOL just one letter off! Memory not as bad as I thought it was. Actually I have a friend named Virgil Wright and that is why it I could "almost" remember it. I went to your website and clicked on the link for the videos (BTW you spelled it wrong) and it asked to sign in before allowing you to view but I did not see anywhere you can register.

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It will be 3-4 weeks before they will be on the website. I hired a professional company to film it. They set up the lighting and video taped with three cameras to get the 'action' from different angles. They will be editing it to get the best views on each trick. It took a crew of 6 persons 2 days to get it all taped. I could have bought a nice used car for what was spent.

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Maybe you will get famous!

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Oh my! That does sounds like a big and expensive undertaking. I can't wait to see it!

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