Baby Peeps Dieing -Any Thoughts?

nelda1234February 12, 2009

Hi all, My Little Diddles came Monday morning-one was DOA-one on its'way out then three more rapidly followed. Next Day (Tuesday) five more and today one! I see nothing that is readily apparent they all actually seemed livily and going strong-next time I would look there they were-anybody have any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


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Do they have a heat lamp where none can suffocate, and can they get far enough away from the lamp if they become too hot? Water? Are they eating and drinking?

Just a few basic questions you probably have covered, but it doesn't hurt to ask as posters often come from many different experience levels, so please don't be offended.

There was a problem with one of the larger hatcheries this past fall with many orders of chicks dying, I thought they had cleared that up though.

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did you give them sugar water when you got them? provided a heat lamp? what watt is the lamp and how far is it from the cage? are they still drinking water? I guess I am basically repeating BrendaSue so I won't go on. We need more details to help

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Hi Brendasue, Not affended at all should have put in more information! Heat lamp 90-95 plenty of room to get away from heat plenty of fresh water and feed-They all seemed to be just fine then rapidly started dieing-as soon as they arrived I had everything ready-washed my hands and started transfering checking each one over carefully, as I said 1 was DOA and 1 on its way I went ahead and dealt with that one, so it did not even enter the new environment, started by giving each one several drinks, after I got them all transfered-washed my hand again and then mixed up their gro gel and placed it in on their food. With-in a couple hours 1 more and so on until I was up to 5--they are in my house right now there are no drafts-and there is never any handling off and on all day-they were very comfortable and running around. Called the Hatchery to tell them of loss and they made a note of that and suggested since I had 48 hours to report more loss to please call them on Wednesday, by Wednesday at 6pm I had 5 more go- and then today 6am found one more gone. They all looked, sounded and seemed to be fine they were all going to the waterer and feed on a regular basis

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hey thats ok----yes sugarwater present 250w(red) 18 inches--measured it.

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What's Gro-gel?
Unfortunately losing 1 or 2 is common upon receipt via the postal service. They're day-olds, correct?
Losing 10(?) within 48 hours is not normal. Sounds like you're doing things right. We've raised a few chicks on just starter, water, & a source of heat. We never measured it just by feel of our hand and made sure there was plenty of room for them to move to & from the source. The most we've lost is 3 out a batche(s)of 25.

What did the hatchery have to say, surely they agreed it was not normal? I have no further suggestions, hopefully others with more poultry experience will be along soon.

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Sorry had to go fetch my glasses LOL--Gro-gel has vitamins B,protein, calcium etc.. mix with water makes a gel like green substance-it is to give them a boost after travel. When I called hatchery yes they agreed it was not normal--said it could have been vaccine failed. I did find out when I call on Wednesday that last year they had serious problems with broody house etc and that their was some desease problem which I can attest too because last year I had all my order die except 2--they came with head shakes(temors)spradle leg-I worked with them day and night practically sleeping with them putting bandages on their little tiny legs helping them drink to no avail all gone. Then as well as now replacement order was shipped.

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I would disinfect the brooder before you put more in it. In fact probably a good idea to get another one, a rubbermaid bucket or plain old cardboard box should do it. It might not be a good idea to use the same hatchery since they are having problems. This continuing to happen is hard on you and it might not stop by getting a new brood.

Good luck!

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thanks msjay, already considered that-I thought I would try them this year and see what happened. Apparently the have not fixed the problem they are having. Will be trying a new hatchery next year-just not sure who. Any thoughts on that? And yes I did switch out their living quarters-I am always careful with the newbies-heck I even clean out my chicken coop every week. I vaccuum it-mop it and clean/sanitize the nesting boxes as well as the walls, I even rake around their door and yard--crazy!

thanks to everybody for your help-if you have anymore suggestions they will certainly be welcome.

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Wow--this thread! :( What a shame, sorry you had to deal with the loss of the chicks. It sounds like you were doing everything correctly, the only thing I'd suggest is using unflavored Pedialyte (get it at the grocery store, in the baby aisle) instead of water the first day or so. Pedialyte is an electrolyte solution, and can give shipped chicks a needed electrolyte boost. Gatorade is too sugary, don't use it.

What hatchery was this, please?

Velvet ~:>

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Hi Velvet, long time no hear--but understand. I had thought of you telling about Pedialyte---the second day and by then was already to late! Gosh I hate to give them a bad rap they are always very kind-------However if I can help my friends here to be aware of the problem and maybe stay clear of them for awhile--I would not want any of you to have to deal with what I have this week--Mcmurray Hatcheries--recall I had this same problem last year as I said in above thread, but obviously much worse--I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. I will now have to go through this again and will have a chicken coop in my house much longer than I desired and to many stages going on at once, I also have Welsummers coming from another Hatchery by the first of March and will have to have three different "homes" for everybody---The first peeps should be ready by then to go to the coop--I will make that decision when 3 set arrives--a little leary about putting them with my girls, they should be just fine though, it will give me plenty of time to watch and observe the first set of baby peeps, Velvet glad to hear from you.


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