What Kind Of Art Work Do U Do?

seramasFebruary 22, 2009

I like to carve, macrame, pottery, stone sculpturing. The following pictures are of a Dream Catcher I did in 1963. It has 64 hand carved pieces of Matinia Wood (African Hard Wood) glued together to make the hoop and used macrame cord for the webbing.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

I carve, and do woodworking, but my camera is down right now.

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Great work Seramas.

I like to do wood working and dabble in some painting but nothing serious.

inside my old house I ripped out wire shelves and replaced with wood shelves

built some book shelves in my junk room

Built my coop (although it looks crooked in this photo it is perfectly level, the camera must have been crooked)

and painted the door

That's about the extent of my "art"

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Perfection is nice, but the little differences (imperfections) that are what makes it art. Love those shelves and the side-coop especially the door art work-So Grandma Mosses!

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Mostly I paint wildlife, nature scenes and pets. You can see it some at www.artbysheryl.com.

Beautiful wall hanging, Seramas! I love that look!

I also do faux painting. Here is a pot I painted. It's part of a set. There's a much bigger one on the floor that matches. They used to be solid mint green:

This used to be a plain raw terra cotta pot:

And this was solid white, unpainted when I bought it for $3 at a garage sale. It's very heavy!

I do walls too and murals. This is my bathroom started last year, still not finished:

I sketch with charcoal and sometimes soft pastels, as well as paint. Here's some charcoal sketches I have done.

This is soft pastels:

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Your shelves look great Misjay2u! I enjoy woodworking, but don't have the tools for it anymore. I am slowly working on accumulating them, however. Your shelves are so straight and square. How do you do that? Everything I make is just a little off plumb (like me) and I measure carefully, use a level and a square. Doesn't seem to matter.

I would love to take up wood carving and stone sculpture! Someday...

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I make jewelry sometimes too, just to go with specific outfits. Hey, I can be a farmer and all woman at the same time ;-)

Here's a set I just made to go with a new outfit. I make the beds out of polymer clay:

I promise I won't monopolize this thread any more. I want to see what everyone else makes! Great way to get some nifty ideas!

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Seramas said the same thing about my coop door twice so now I believe it. LOL Good thing I like primitive art. It is the only choice I have anyway since I can not draw like Runningtrails who is just awesome. I have given her the alias "superwoman" cause she can do so much so well. I guess my alias will be Nana Moses, Seramas is Birdmad. BrendaSue is Aunt Bea, Brenden is Trolling BOB, Mitch is the Crow. Its all in fun. LOL

Oh and about the shelf...I cheated. I had Lowes cut the wood to size for me since they use that big saw and it cuts so straight, put a ledge on the wall using my level and then used a nail gun to put it all together. Trimmed it with a thin trim to make it look a little more finished. I put the bible verse on there using wall words I got off eBay I have not quite figured out what to do with the top yet. Yet another unfinished project.


I have too many of them around here.

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Unfinished jobs means you won't die until they are all done! The trick of never dieing is starting another one as you finish one. Gives purpose to life.

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None. Mom has all the artistic abilities. She didn't pass that talent on in our genes.

I really enjoyed the pictures, you all have talent!

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LOL good theory! I like it. Also Mitch asked me why I gave him the name the crow. only thing I could think of for a man who grows corn. After he asked me I googled "the crow" and saw the movie come up and read what it was about. ugggh no comparison. Sorry Mitch, I will change your nick name but I have to think about it some more.

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mxbarbie(pnw BC 5)

I used to sew, clothing, quilts, etc.. did some cross stitch and beading, now I just knit. constantly. Just finished some knee socks for myself (usually I knit for everyone else) and I am in love with them.
I crashed my photobucket account by accident so, I can't show any photos at the moment, I'll have to work on that.

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Brendasue, I believe that everyone has valuable talent, just in a different areas. We are all different. You either don't recognize it or haven't found it yet. I'll bet, if you told us how you spend your time, we'd be able to tell you how talented you are.

Brenden, too bad! I'd like to see some of the carving and wood working.

Seramas, can we see some of your wood carving and stone sculpture and pottery? Do you use a potter's wheel? I think that's so fascinating to watch!

You're embarrassing me, msjay2u. There's lots of things I don't do well, like make things that are straight and level and FIX TRUCKS. That's not cheating on the shelves. You did the installation and trim and it looks great! I want a nail gun. I love your coop door. It's just too cute!

mxbarbie, I don't knit and I'd love to see your socks. I would like to be able to make handknitted thick woolen socks. They are so warm! I do crochet, but not so much anymore and nothing very complicated. I only make dishcloths when I need some. I'd love to see some of your quilts, too! I have one my mother made just before she passed away.

OK, where are everyone's pictures? I want to see handmade crafts here.

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me too!!

I was sitting in the doctors office and there was a lady sitting there knitting away. I couldn't stand it any longer and asked her waht she was making. She said socks. She told me that she can never wear socks out of the store anymore and told me about how her socks take perfect shape to your feet and feel sooooooo good. I was envious. I know how to knit but I do not like to. I like quick gratification and knitting takes too long for me. If I can't finish something in a couple of hours I get bored. I am shocked I finished my coop but then again the choice was keeping chickens in the basement or finishing the coop.

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I'm an artist. I love painting, drawing and jewelry making. You can see some of my chicken paintings at my art website.

I also keep a blog. You can check it out here: sunfluerdesigns.blogspot.com

Here is a link that might be useful: Off The Cuff Art

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paulns(NS zone 6a)

Thanks for starting this thread seramas. Such multitalented people. Before it drops off the board, here are some drawings I did after studying winter wood ID. I've taken to different mediums since I was a boy - they come and go. This was it for pencil.

Photobucket is awfully slow to load these days so here's a long ago gardenweb posting, with interesting comments and advice on handling The Internal Critic. Do any of you deal with that nuisance when you're creating? If anything I'm struggling more now with taking time from 'real' work to do artwork. There's always the risk of creating something ugly, and then guilt over having wasted time.

Here is a link that might be useful: twigs

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LOL it happens to the best of us. It is an artist who can overcome that fear and try to make a right out of a wrong. Others just give up ...

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mxbarbie(pnw BC 5)

That's what I love about knitting... if it turns out ulgy, you just unravel it and try something else. Of course it starts with not buying ugly wool in the first place... ; )

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paulns(NS zone 6a)

'Shut up and be grateful for what you have' is a sign I plan to post over my desk.
So....are you going to post pictures of that knitting, mxbarbie?
A while back, a friend of my wife's gave her two balls of dark brown goat's hair wool from Greece. They're the size of soccer balls, and look like what a goat would cough up after eating a woolly mammoth. My wife finds them fascinating - she'll pick up a ball and roll it over in her hands with a horrified look on her face. She just can't say no to free wool.

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I looked at your site, Sunfluer! I especially like that rooster painting "Cockeral"! I also LOVE the beaded watches! Beautiful! I made myself one a few years ago and it fell off on the motorcycle the first time I wore it. I just haven't made anymore. Now you've got me wanting to make a few for work.

Very nice drawing Pauln! Do you sketch anything else? You're very talented. I would like to see more. Could that wool make a good rug for the floor?

I sometimes make a painting that's not very good and have to start over. I usually rip off the canvas and use the stretcher bars again to make another one, but if it's small it's not worth the trouble. I have some 16x20 paintings that are not good. Sometimes they just don't turn out right. I don't know what I'll ever use them for. One big one is used behind the blind in the bedroom window to shut out the light for napping in the daytime.

I like to just look at the wool in the store. There are so many facinating kinds and colours. If I did knit, I'd be tempted to spend all my money on fancy wool!

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mxbarbie(pnw BC 5)

Here are the socks

And a sweater and touque I knitted for my daughter

I am also guilty of not being able to say no to free yarn... it's a curse really... and even though I have totes and totes of yarn, I still look every time I go to the store.
To a knitter, this is refered to as 'the stash'. My stash is the size of a cruise ship which is embarassing to admit because I am much more of an unpainted rowboat kind of girl.

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OK, I HAVE to learn to knit socks. Those are fabulous and I'll bet they're soft and warm too!

Hey! My daughter knits. I wonder if she can knit socks. I'll have to send her an email and ask her. I got a set of handknitted mittens and scarf for Christmas.

Why not make a point of knitting all your Christmas presents this year using only your stash and nothing else. Mix those dull boring colours with extremely bright ones.

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wow those socks are awesome. How long does it take you to knit a pair?

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mxbarbie(pnw BC 5)

Runningtrails, that is exactly my plan... I was online till midnight last night finding patterns for everyone!

If I actually sat down and knitted the socks without interuptions, I think I could make a pair in about 8 hours.
I'll have to clock myself on the next set.

After seeing all those beautiful murals I'm looking at my unpainted plywood chicken coop door and wishing I could paint.

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paulns(NS zone 6a)

runningtrails, that is exactly what my wife was thinking. She does rug hooking, and plans to hook a rug out of the goat. It would make a tough mat. She said she might wear rubber gloves while hooking it though.

mxbarbie, I've spent enough time watching my wife knit, and wearing socks she's made, to know those heels and toes are very skillfully done. Great colours in the outfit too.

Have you seen soy wool? Paula bought some a while ago. Soy/wool mix, very silky texture.

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mxBarbie, well I would suggest a trade, send me your door and I'll paint it, and you knit me some socks, but the shipping just wouldn't come out even. lol! Why not paint it yourself with a stencil?


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goodhors(z5 MI)

For those who wish to knit or crochet, try starting with the larger needles. It makes the item go quickly. Big is anything over a size 15. Some needles are huge, almost broomstick size.

I got into knitting a couple years ago, DD wanted a pancho for school. Panchos were just starting to get popular. I made it pretty fast, loose weave was pretty, so garment was light and not overly hot in school. Just a couple rectangles sewn together, so there was a point in front and back, head opening. I crocheted an edging with real fluffy yarn in a nice contrast color. Turned out well, she got lots of compliments on it. If you use synthetices, you can run it thru the washer. Wool FEELS so nice, but does take extra care and summer storage for moth prevention. For kids, synthetics are the way to go, keep clean easily.

I also crochet, actually prefer it. But finding a large hook, size S, made it fun crocheting rugs with strips of old cloth. I have made a number of rugs now, and they are fast to do, wash wonderfully. I just hang them on a lawn chair to dry on the porch.

I just make the pattern up as I go along. I have squares and ovals, all about 36" x 24". Seems to be a good lap size, bigger is harder to handle and heavy. Sizes will fit well in front of the sink, bathroom shower, back door for the dog to lay on. I might put a piece of no-slip stuff under it, to keep rug still on a vinyl or wood floor.

So if you are considering doing knitting or crochet, try just doing some easy squares, in a large size like 36"x36", using a big hook or pair of needles. You might want the needles with a string between the ends, easier to use with wider knit projects. Knitting is just back and forth, so the string/cable needles are very handy with bigger pieces.

You only need to know one stitch to start, get good at it, to finish the piece. I did some with knit on one side, purl on the other. Really basic, but pretty with nice yarn. Pieces that size or slightly longer, can make lap robes, baby afghans, or be put together for a larger sized afghan. Really go quickly to finish. I tend to watch TV when working, don't need a lot of attention to project with only one stitch on each side, just keep doing the same thing. Other good, fast projects are hats. They can go quickly, done in a couple days or less. Can be done knitted or crocheted flat, then sew the edges together to be round.

I consider myself a beginning knitter and crochet person. Only have a couple stitches in my skill list, but you can do a lot with just basics. Very fun to produce an object, rug, hat, with these basics. I HAVE learned to do cables this winter, so am moving up the skill levels. Cables are surprisingly easy! Now on to learning to do pattern reading! My SIL was making scarves a couple years ago, just one stitch. Now she does FANCY socks, lookes almost embroidered. Needles are so tiny, that she can do pictures on the socks. Huge jump in skill, just trying new stuff. I think she keeps all her socks, wears them to show off! As well she should, they are amazing.

The knee socks shown above, are very attractive. I will try some one of these days!

I am planning to work on mittens first though. We can always use mittens around here. Have to get the thumb part down. Maybe then I will be ready for sock heels and 4 needles like my mother does them.

I do some painting of items used in the gardens. Stepping stone enhancement, coloring some statues, ironwork that I have around. Not really original stuff, not the artist. Painting is a winter thing, too busy in summer.

Also do some sewing, with fancy pillowcases being an inspiration this year. LOTS of elaborate lace trim, which is fun to look at on colored cases. Make good gifts at Christmas and other occassions. I am using the few inches left over as trim on a case for the couch pillow. Just many kinds of lace on a piece of material, to be used as an accent piece. Kind of fun doing fancy, after using the sewing to mostly repair work clothing.

Made some tank tops for DD, all the kids need a lot of them to layer. I had the material, she chose the colors she wanted. I will be letting her do the next ones, pinning neck and arms takes all the time. Then she can make more when she wants them. About an hour each shirt. Rolling knife is a big time saver there. We used her purchased shirts as patterns, just cut around them, so they were just the right style and sizing. I don't want any clothing to look "homemade" because no one will wear it.

My "Arty" skills come out in putting things together, some designing talents, not a pictoral art skill. I did a lot of picture framing over winter to get the art stuff up on the walls. We had gathered quite a lot, not hung it before. Priced getting it professionally matted and framed. ACKK!! The PRICES THEY WANTED!! I checked out mat cutters and got one, bought some frames to do it myself. That was fun, picking matting colors, cutting the mats, double layers or fancy cutting, framing it up. Very satisfying to see them all finished up. Those who have seen the walls of pictures, like it too.

Good thing Art can cover a lot of talent and skills!

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mxbarbie(pnw BC 5)

Thank you all for the compliments, I just re read my post and I meant to say, it's about 8 hours per sock.

I just finished these little fingerless gloves over the weekend. They were a lot less complicated than they look.

And I'll be starting another pair of knee sox when I go to my weekly stitch & B*tch tonight.

I made so many of those ponchos (with the point in front and back) a couple of years ago that I earned
the nickname "Anita Shawl".
After all that knitting for other people, I became what is known as a "selfish knitter" (I belong to a group ; ) ) in that, I only knit for myself or people I have given birth to. LOL (sorry sheryl)

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stitch & B*tch
I need to go to one of those cause lordy knows I have a lot to b^tch about!!

Goodhors I can not imagine knitting with something as fat as a broomstick. LOL I have not knotted forever but when I did....... knit and perl was fine for me. I was the queen of baby blankets because they are small and very easy to finish and if you get sick of it you can make it for a *smaller* baby, (or doll) LOL!!!
Right now I am concentrating on garden junk. I brought all the makings of bottle bogs and very excited to get busy. I love crafting but for some reason hard to get started these days. I think my job wears me out....the nerve.

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mxbarbie(pnw BC 5)

Hee hee, don't I have lovely clean nails? Can you tell it is winter and I'm not doing any yardwork/weeding? Too funny.

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Those fingerless gloves would be great to use while computing on cold mornings! Very nice job! Lovely hands and clean nails!

That's ok Mxbarbie, I'll ask my daugter if she knits socks ;-)

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goodhors(z5 MI)

Well, I have a new goal! With that great photo, I bet I can do a three-strand braid! Moving up from my twisted, two-strand cable!! I WILL need another couple of J-hooks to cable with. Thank you for helping me improve my skills.

Cute hand warmers, very soft and nice looking. Being selfish in your crafting is not a bad thing. If you have too many items, you can always give them away AFTER you enjoy them a bit.

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