Brooder noises?

dethride(7a / 6b GA)February 19, 2009

Hi guys, I'm soon to be the proud dad to five Buff Orpington and five Delaware chicks from my local feed and seed. I want to set up my brooder inside my old goat milking room located in the barn. It's a 16 ft. by 6 ft concrete block structure with a door and three windows, so I think ventilation/warmth are going to be fine.

My question is this: How will adding a large seedling starter box* into said milking room affect the chicks? The box will make low noises coming from cooling fans, ballasts, etc., and it's relatively light tight. Will this affect the young chickies? Do they "imprint" on their environment when they are so young? This may be silly, but I want a good life for my girls!

(It's a MegaWatt 9000 Seed Starter which has sixteen lamps, two thermostats, cooling fans, warming cables, and two adjustable shelves. Holds eight plug trays)

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Here's just a few things that came to mind.

I suppose the noise *could* bother them, I guess it would depend on the noise absorbtion (bedding) and the type of walls. We've started them in the house a couple times & our busy household never bothered them, and that includes radios & fans for distributing heat. Whatever the noise they should eventually get used to it.

I'm not familiar with the seed starter you mentioned. I think I would be concerned about unprotected fans, wires, heaters ect, along with possible nooks & crannies a chick could get stuck in/under. Is it fully enclosed?

Will you be supplying a heat lamp in case they need it? They may not, depending on the heat generated, but I would also make sure they can get away from the heat so they can cool off if they need to.

Is your milking room 100% secure so no rats or undesireables can't get to the chicks?

Congratulations on becoming a new Dad! Babyproof that coop and they should be fine.

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dethride(7a / 6b GA)

The seed starter is a self-contained unit I built and will be in the same room about three feet beside the brooder (with heat lamp). The starter will generate heat, but not enough to heat up the room much. I've had the monster thing in my house and didn't notice any temp increase in the room. I'm going over the milking room and checking for entry points, but it's pretty tight, being concrete block and all. Thanks for the feedback!

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