Sheep pepole I need help!

thinknpinkFebruary 10, 2010

I raise St Croix hair sheep and last year I purchased a Katahdin from a friend who had her in a small paddock and was raised on feed. I took her because I have pasture and she had scours when I got her. I thought maybe pasture would help. She still makes poop like a big cow. I have wormed and wormed and still scours. My St. Croix I have never wormed! We even think my big Ram did not go there because of her nasty butt! My ewes are due to lamb in March and I don't see any bagging in her at all! I need to clear this up! I use Valbazen wormer is not making a dent in her!Like I said I never worm My St.Croix they have been very healthy, I have no clue why this breed would be so difficult!

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No sheep here but goats.

I suspect in sheep, as in goats, resistance to wormers is common. Try switching wormers to a different class of wormer. In goats we dose ORALLY due to their quick metabolism. Segregate the ewe so she deposits the bulk of resistent worms she sheds any place other than your pastures.

It could also be a coccidiosis issue(damage), or possibly Johne's. I'd have her tested for Johne's ASAP as if she is positive you are risking the rest of your herd every day she is defacating on your pastures. You don't say how old this Katahdin is, if younger than 6 months I might have given a different answer.

UC Davis(WA), Cornell(NY), or PAVLAB(TX) will perform the tests. Submit 3cc serum (blood sample) for a quick result, or some pellets for a long wait but more accurate results.


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huisjen(z5 ME)

One breed characteristic of Katahdins is supposed to be that they're naturally a bit parasite resistant. They've got a lot of St. Croix blood in them. I can't help but wonder if this ewe is just damaged, long term or permanently, from being fed grain rather than pasture and hay. I rotationally graze and don't worm mine, and I haven't had any problem.


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If this sheep has been fed on grain it could be that a sudden change to rich pasture has upset her . pen off a part of your pasture and feed her hay introducing her gradually to your pasture.

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